Smoking & Tobacco Use Policy

The Board of Governors has approved updates to the Fleming College Smoking & Tobacco Use Policy. The updates were necessary to ensure that our policy is in line with the changes made to the Smoke-Free Ontario Act that took effect 01 January 2015.

Please click on the link below to visit the Campus Security website for detailed information on the policy and an updated list of Designated Smoking Areas.

Some of the changes to our policy include:
1. Smokeless Tobacco Products are prohibited inside College buildings.
2. Smoking is prohibited on the Auk’s Lodge and Steele Center patios.
3. Updated locations for Designated Smoking Areas.

For the rest of this week and all of Break Week, Campus Security will give verbal reminders to people found in violation of the updated policy. Regular enforcement including  Written Warnings (1st Offence) and a $25.00 Penalty (2nd Offence) will resume on 11 March 2015.