Building Access & Screening

Provincial Lockdown: Based on the provincial lockdown announcement, access to campus buildings will be tightly restricted between December 26, 2020 and January 25, 2021. To that end, all previously approved Building Access Requests with an expiry date after December 26, 2020 are cancelled. Any employee that requires access to campus buildings during this period must submit a new request through the Building Access Request Form:

Building Access (post-lockdown): All Fleming College campuses officially remain “closed”. Only students and employees informed that they will participate in face-to-face academic delivery on campus may enter. Employees not involved in face-to-face delivery may request access through the manager by completing the Building Access Request Form located on the Health & Safety website.

Students and Employees must scan a new OneCard issued after 01 January 2020 at the readers located at Designated SAFE Entrances. If you don’t have a OneCard or forget it when you come on campus, please sign-in with Security.

Screening: All students and employees entering campus buildings are required to complete a health screening in person at a Designated SAFE Entrance or by using the Self-Screening Tool available through the Fleming Safe App.

Failed Screening: If you have a failed either the In-Person Screening or the Fleming Safe App Self-Screening, you are not permitted to access Fleming College buildings until your failed screening is resolved and you are reauthorized to enter by the College or Public Health.

Please refer to our detailed Failed Screening Protocol and follow the processes designed to support your eventual return to campus.