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Bulletins about security related issues.

Lock Down Drill Reminder

Sutherland Campus Students & Employees,

This is a reminder from Campus Security Services that there will be a Lock Down Drill this morning, 29 January, at the Sutherland Campus.

Please review the emergency procedures posted around campus or click on this link to the Emergency Procedures Section of our website.

If you find yourself in an open space (hallway, cafeteria, learning commons etc.) or in an room that you are unable to secure for any reason you should consider moving to a more secure location or exit the building if you can do so safely.

The purpose of these drills is to raise awareness of emergency procedures among members of the College Community and to make you think about what you would do in an emergency but no procedure or drill can cover every possible circumstance.

During any emergency people should:

1.       Assess their situation.
2.       Consider your options.
3.       Take the safest course of action.