Emergency Response Process and Drill Schedule

Fleming Students & Employees,

Campus Security will be conducting Emergency Drills in order to practice our new Violence Response Protocols. Commonly these are called “Lockdown” drills. The drills will be conducted as follows:

Sutherland Campus:       Thursday,  Oct. 8
Frost Campuses.              Tuesday,   Oct. 6
Haliburton Campus:       Friday      Oct. 9

We have made a significant change to our protocols at Fleming. These changes are the result of recommendations and standards taken from other institutions in Canada and international research related to school shootings in post-secondary institutions. Unlike elementary and secondary schools, Colleges are open to public access and have adult learners that can make informed decisions about their safety in an emergency. We apologize for this message not being sent out sooner, there were delays in the final planning and coordinating of the drills that were unavoidable.

We now have two protocols in place to provide students and employees with information and options in determining what to do if there is an incident that endangers the safety of the campus. These two procedures are posted in classrooms, washrooms and on the Security Website at this link: https://department.flemingcollege.ca/security/emergency-procedures/

–  This protocol will be enacted when there is a dangerous situation outside of the building.
–  These situation could include police searching for a person or other danger like a gas leak.
–  The announcement inside the building will be a loud tone and say “HOLD & SECURE”.
–  Building occupants should remain inside the building until advised it is safe to leave.

–  This protocol will be enacted when there is a person inside the building committing an act of serious violence.
–  The worst case scenario is a person inside, with a firearm actively shooting at occupants.
–  The announcement inside the building will be a loud tone and say “VIOLENCE RESPONSE PROTOCOL”
–  The posted protocol lists three options you should consider: GET OUT – HIDE – FIGH
–  The link below will take you to a video that explains these options in detail

The upcoming drills will be based on Protocol #2: VIOLENCE REPONSE PROTOCOL
–  In most cases during the Violence Response Protocol Drill, students and employees will choose the option to GET OUT because there is no real danger during the drill to cause them to think about selecting another option HIDE – FIGHT.

PLEASE NOTE: In order to provide an experiential learning opportunity for as many people as possible, there will be actors assigned to enter selected areas of the College and act out a specific scenario during the drill. The scenarios may include the actor telling the students in the area that there is an imaginary “gunman” outside their classroom door or in a certain hallway. The purpose of these actors performing these scenarios is to cause the people in the area to think about all of their options GET OUT – HIDE –FIGHT.

 –  During the Violence Response Protocol Drill, Police and Campus Security will be on site to provide a safe environment as well as advice, guidance and information in the areas where the actors are performing their scenarios.

All students and employees should, during any emergency situation including an incident involving violence;  Assess Your Situation – Consider Your Options – Take Action

Some things for you to consider specific to the Violence Response Protocol:
–  Know where the exits are from your office or classroom
–  Think of at least two ways you can get out of the building
–  Know how to lock or barricade your office or classroom door
–  Think about where you would Hide if you could not Get Out
–  Think about how you could Fight if you could not Get Out or Hide

A training video has been produced to explain the new protocols. Please take a few minutes to review it. The video production is dramatic and realistic, but please be aware that some viewers may find it upsetting.

Following this communique, additional email reminders will be sent out, we will post signs around the campuses and we will post notices of the drills on our web and social media channels. An announcement will be made prior to the drill.

Knowing this information and thinking about what you would do in advance of an emergency is an important part of being prepared and keeping yourself and our campus community safe.