Online & Phone Scam Alert

Campus Security has received reports from students of attempted online & phone fraud.

The first was online via Facebook and Skype where a person adds you as a friend and communicates offers of friendship, intimacy, employment and/or internships. The person then tries to get you to say or do something embarrassing during an online video conversation and records your online conversations and threatens to post them or send them to family members if you don’t pay them money.

The second was a phone call from someone posing as a Canada Revenue Agency employee. The person claims that you owe the Canadian government money and if you don’t pay right away you will be arrested. The person is very aggressive and will keep calling back as long as you keep answering.

While anyone may end up being targeted, the people operating these scams are known to specifically target international students that are new to Canada and are unfamiliar with Canadian laws and processes.

Peterborough Police have provided the following advise to counter these scams:

  • Do not accept friend requests from people you don’t know.
  • Do not provide any personal information over the internet to anyone.
  • Do not send money to anyone, for any reason without checking the validity of their claim.
  • Contact a friend, family member or someone you trust for advice before taking any action.
  • Contact the official Canada Revenue Agency phone line to verify any claim first at 1-800-959-8281.
  • Please note that the real Canada Revenue Agency will never threaten to arrest you or to send the police to find you.

On Campus you can seek advice and assistance from Campus Security at the Information Booth or by calling extension 8000. Student Services can also provide you with advice and information. You can also contact the following agencies for advice or assistance:

Peterborough Police – Non-emergency Line – 705-876-1122

Canadian Anti-Fraud Center – 1-888-495-8501