FAQ – Information Security

Why did Fleming purchase parking management software?

Use of an online system will provide better customer service by reducing the need to fill out a form or see a parking staff member in person to change your personal or vehicle information. This will help reduce lines at the Information Booth and will also reduce paper waste by eliminating most of the forms that we have used in the past. Parking Management Software will also provide Parking Services with more accurate data about parking lot use, permit purchases and enforcement which will allow us to make better decisions in the future about the types of parking we offer.

Why did Fleming choose the ParkAdmin solution?

A competitive Request for Proposal (RFP) process was conducted through the Purchasing Department that was in compliance with the Broader Public Sector guidelines. Tomahawk Technologies (ParkAdmin) scored highest in that process for many reason including, all data is stored on servers in Canada, they had good references from other post-secondary clients and their bid was in line with our budget target.

What information will be stored in ParkAdmin?

Your basic personal information and vehicle information is required in your online profile so that Parking Services can contact you for matters related to your vehicle and parking on campus. If you receive a Parking Violation Notice or Appeal a Violation that information will also be linked to your profile and vehicle. No credit card information, No payroll information and No banking information is collected or stored in ParkAdmin. Once online payment is made available it will be via a secure Moneris Account connection.

Who has access to my information?

Parking Services staff and managers can access the information in ParkAdmin as part of their duties. Campus Security Staff can only see Violation Notices, Permit Numbers and Licence Plates for the purpose of enforcement, they cannot access personal information. Tomahawk Technologies staff have limited access to data to the extent necessary to deliver the contracted services. All Tomahawk Technologies employees sign confidentiality agreements and data may only be stored on their internal servers and not external drives.

Is my information secure?

ParkAdmin is an industry grade product and is compliant with various standards including Payment Card Industry (PCI), Freedom of Information & Protection of Privacy Act and ISO/IEC 27001:2013. The contract between Fleming and Tomahawk Technologies provides that the information collected through ParkAdmin is not owned by Tomahawk Technologies and cannot be sold or used for any other purpose. If Fleming ends the contract all data will be destroyed.