Parking Policy & Regulations

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All students, employees and visitors who park at Fleming College are required to pay for parking during the posted enforcement times. Payment can be through the purchase of a Parking Permit, Use of a Pay & Display Machine or Coin Activated Gate depending on the campus location and choice of the individual.

The grounds of Fleming College, including all parking areas, park lands, roads and pathways are private property. The College reserves the right to control parking and traffic on the campus, to prohibit access to any vehicle and to restrict parking privileges at any time; in any parking lot, for emergencies, construction or other operational purposes.

Fleming College has no legal obligation to provide parking and assumes no responsibility for any damage or loss of a motor vehicle or contents. Parking is on a first come, first served basis. The Parking Regulations are designed to ensure a safe and orderly movement of all College employees, students and visitors and also to utilize parking facilities as effectively and fairly as possible.