Parking Violation Appeals

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Fleming College Parking Violation Notices

As of 01 September 2016 all Parking Violation Notices must be appealed via the Online Parking Services Portal: ParkAdmin Portal Link

Important Notice: If you pay your Violation Notice within 7 days you may be eligible for a discount on the fine amount of up to 50%. Not all offence types are eligible for discount.

Appeal Process Guide

1. Complete the Online Appeal Form within 14 days of receiving the Parking Violation Notice. Appeals submitted more than 14 days after the offence notice was issued will not be accepted or processed.

2. The Manager, Security, Parking & Emergency Management will review the appeal and reply to the vehicle owner/driver within 30 days of the submission of the Appeal.

3. If the appellant disagrees with the decision they may request that the appeal be forwarded to  for review within 3 working days of receiving the appeal decision.

4. The Director, Physical Resources Department will review the appeal and reply to the vehicle owner/driver within 3 working days of receiving the appeal.

5. The decision of the the Director, Physical Resources is final.

Municipal Parking Offence Notices

Municipal Parking Offence Notices are administered by the City of Peterborough and the City of Kawartha Lakes. The appeal process is through Provincial Court and is outlined on the back of the Offence Notice. Municipal Parking Offence Notices cannot be paid on campus.