Lock Down Drill Reminder

Sutherland Campus Students & Employees,

This is a reminder from Campus Security Services that there will be a Lock Down Drill this morning, 29 January, at the Sutherland Campus.

Please review the emergency procedures posted around campus or click on this link to the Emergency Procedures Section of our website. https://department.flemingcollege.ca/security/emergency-procedures/

If you find yourself in an open space (hallway, cafeteria, learning commons etc.) or in an room that you are unable to secure for any reason you should consider moving to a more secure location or exit the building if you can do so safely.

The purpose of these drills is to raise awareness of emergency procedures among members of the College Community and to make you think about what you would do in an emergency but no procedure or drill can cover every possible circumstance.

During any emergency people should:

1.       Assess their situation.
2.       Consider your options.
3.       Take the safest course of action.

Parking Reminder

Sutherland & Frost Campuses

Complimentary parking for Week 1 ends at 10:00pm today. If you have not purchased a parking permit yet please do so today. The Parking Regulations have been updated this year and regular parking enforcement starts on Monday, 08 September.

You can purchase a parking permit Monday to Friday, 8:30am to 4:30pm at the Information Booth at Frost and Sutherland Campuses.

Guest & Special Event Parking

The regulations for Special Guest and Event Parking have been updated and are available as Appendix E of the full Parking Regulations. Here is a summary of some of the changes:

  • Special Event Parking must be arranged ahead of time through the Information Booth or Facilities Department.
  • It may be necessary to charge a service fee to the hosting department or organization to cover the cost of lost parking revenue and/or the cost of additional security.
  • Complimentary parking for guest speakers and other dignitaries must be approved by the Manager, Public Safety & Parking.
  • Complimentary parking shall normally only be extended to those persons that are volunteering their time with a College department or school.

Sutherland Parking Lot Changes

As part of the way finding improvement project all parking lots at the Sutherland Campus have been renamed and new signs are being installed. The opening of the KTTC Building in the fall has also led to some changes in parking lot designations.

Here is a summary of the changes:

A Lot Spruce Pay & Display, Accessible & Green Parking
B Lot Ash General Permit Parking Only – No Coin Access
C Lot Maple Premium Permit Parking Only – No Coin Access
D Lot Aspen General Permit & Daily Pay Parking – Coin Access
E Lot Oak General Permit & Daily Pay Parking – Coin Access
F Lot Birch General Permit & Daily Pay Parking – Coin Access
G Lot Cedar General Permit & Daily Pay Parking – Coin Access
H Lot Beech Economy Permit Parking Only – No Coin Access
R Lot Pine Residence Permit Parking Only – Limited Pay & Display


Sutherland Parking Notice – 11 July 2014

Welcome Days at Sutherland are 14, 16 & 18 July so there will be increased traffic and parking volume on campus those days. Some gates will be opened to accommodate our guests.

Maintenance work will be done on the parking lot gates on 15 & 17 July. During this work some lanes will be blocked for the safety of the workers. While work is being done the gates will be opened to accommodate entrance and exit. Please exercise caution when workers are in the area.