Social Media Fraud Alert

Campus Security has received a report that an unidentified person has been using social media sites to contact students and offer money for photos of them performing various acts (some of them sexual in nature).

The person claims that they will transfer money to the student via a bank or Western Union and then send them an email with a link for their banking information. Fortunately the students in this case did not provide any information.

There have also been reports by local news outlets of other types of fraud schemes and blackmail incidents being conducted through dating websites. In these cases the person asks for intimate photos or sex chats and then threatens to send them to the coworkers and family of the victim unless they pay the suspect money.

Campus Security would like to remind everyone to be vigilant about your social media activity and the potential for fraud. Never provide banking information, intimate photos or other personal information via the these sites and do not respond to or clink on the links for suspicious or unknown banking emails.

Please report any suspicious activity of this type to local police.