Down Low on Getting Down Series

The Down Low on Getting Down is a workshop series that explores the topics of sexuality, healthy relationships and negotiating desire.

These workshops are geared towards educating students on topics that many have questions about, but have no reliable sources to get the answers they are looking for.

2019-2020 Topics: 

Queering Sex Ed: September 18th 5-7pm in C1220.6 (Library)
Explore the world of queer sex! While often left out of public education systems, LGBT2SQ people and sex does in fact, exist. This workshop aims to centre and normalize LGBT2SQ sexuality, gender
and sexuality spectrums and inclusivity at the table and in the conversation.
Self Love & Self Discovery: October 15th 5-7pm in B3310
Sexual education doesn’t always include topics of self-love and discovery. In this workshop, we will be discussing pleasure, identity, selfcare and new ways to enjoy touch. Learn about mindful erotic practice for your solo sex life and tips to enhance your sex life with others.
– Toys for Adults
Our friends from Peterborough’s queer-owned adult boutique ‘You’re Welcome’ will teach us all about safe use of adult toys for pleasure. Topics include introduction to toys and lube, safe use and storage, solo-use, introduction to partner sex and communication.
– Knots and Kinks
BDSM & kinks are topics many folks are afraid to talk about, but are a normal part of a healthy sex life for lots of people. This workshop will include topics such as negotiating safe play, communication & boundaries and include a “BDSM 101” on language, terminology and kink toys/practices.
– Love me Tinder
Do you use online dating apps? Do you sometimes send sexy texts or photos to someone special? This workshop will explore the world of online dating. Topics include setting & respecting boundaries, giving & receiving rejection, casual sex and digital communication.

Goals of the workshops include:

Promotion of Consent and Communication

Consent and communication are large parts of any and every sexual act, yet people have difficulty articulating and negotiating around desires and boundaries as related to sexuality. Consent is complex and we want to explore those gray areas in a way that is applicable to real life scenarios.

Promotion of Positive Sexuality and Sexual Experiences

Students are often not given a space to freely and openly express their sexual-selves, thus we are aiming to provide a safe and inclusive space to do so. We want to bring these (sometimes difficult) topics to students in an engaging way that does not continue to marginalize and oppress people. Desire and pleasure should be a part of healthy sex and sexuality, let’s make sure we include that in our conversations!

Recognizing, Understanding and Appreciating Diversity

Traditional sexual education is based on heteronormative, able-bodied, cis-gendered, reproductive purposed sex. This leaves all sexual acts that do not align with these strict guidelines in the shadows. By not talking about the diversity of sex and sexuality, this traditional type of education is marginalizing and oppressing particular groups. Within our sexual education workshops, we openly talk about some of these topics that are left out by traditional sexual education, thus aiming to provide a more inclusive and diverse education. It is important to recognize the wide variety of sex and sexuality that are in the world, and in the Fleming community. The goal is for all people to be included and to experience education that speaks to their personal identity and experience.