As with any organization, successful strategic planning and execution is paramount to Fleming’s future development and overall sustainability.   The Strategic Planning and Development (SPD) Department fosters and cultivates, college integrated planning processes, benefit realization management, predictive/big data analytics, and evidence-based decision making by providing college-wide access to data and business intelligence.  The department also tracks annual business plan projects and progress towards performance measures, target outcomes and continuous improvement.

SPD is responsible for:

  • Supporting and coordinating the development/implementation of the college Annual Business planning process including monitoring policy direction from the province.
  • Managing the development of a Long-Term Enrolment Plan and coordination of the New Program Development process.
  • Recommending and monitoring Strategic Mandate Agreement (SMA) benefit metrics and targets.  This includes both System-Wide metrics on which all Ontario colleges will be assessed and Institution-Specific metrics that Fleming has established as KPIs of differentiation.
  • Gathering college-wide input and data for differentiation and integrated planning decisions.
  • Administration of various satisfaction surveys (e.g. KPI surveys) and subsequent reports
  • Administration of Course/Faculty Evaluations and subsequent reports

Services provided by SPDD include:

  • Coordinating College community engagement in planning documents: SMA, Strategic Plan, Academic Plan (including Long-Term Enrolment Plan), annual Business Plan and Annual Report.
  • Centralized coordination and administration of institutional research (e.g. surveys and focus groups) within the College to support continuous improvement efforts
  • Providing easy access to data and business intelligence for all staff, faculty and administrators within the College.
  • Centralized coordination of new product development process.
  • Centralized Project Management Office to support and provide guidance to project managers.
  • Monitors and reports on metrics targets.
  • Development of Predictive Analytics and Benefit Realization Management.

There are three main areas of the SPDD:

For more information regarding the Strategic Planning and Development department, please contact:

Sherry Gosselin, Director PMO and IRO
x 1726