In March 2021, Fleming established the Business Intelligence and Research Services (BIRS) Department reframing the focus of the Institutional Research Office (IRO), the Project Management Office (PMO) and the Workforce and Labour Market Office (WFLO) within the new department.  BIRS’ mission is to empower Fleming stakeholders with the project management, business intelligence and analytics insights they need to build a better college, better college communities, and provide a better student experience.  BIRS works collaboratively with all divisions, departments, schools, partners and our communities to collect, compile, develop and disseminate business intelligence and analytics.  BIRS adopts a Systems Theory approach, recognizing that the College is made up of a cohesive group of interrelated, interdependent parts influenced by its environment, and defined by its structure and purpose. This approach acknowledges that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

BIRS promotes reliable, verifiable, open and transparent business intelligence and data analytics (DA) across all facets of the college to support strategic directions, enhance evidence-based decisions, and improve operational activities accordingly.  This guide is the first step in democratizing business intelligence for utilization by appropriate stakeholders.

BIRS is responsible for:

  • Supporting and coordinating the implementation of the college Strategic Plan, Academic Plan and annual Business Plan through project management and performance measurement within the PMO.
  • The PMO is also responsible for the Business Plan’s annual planning process and performance reporting through the Annual Report.  These two documents are regulatory compliance requirements of the Ontario Government.
  • Recommending and monitoring the Strategic Mandate Agreement (SMA) metrics and targets.  This includes both System-Wide metrics on which all Ontario colleges will be assessed and Institution-Specific metrics that Fleming has established as KPIs of differentiation.
  • Planning, designing and conducting institutional research such as surveys and data mining of operational and transactional data to support evidence-based decision making throughout the college.

For more information regarding the BIRS department, please contact:

Sherry Gosselin, Chief Business Intelligence Officer
x 1726