What support services are available?
If you have experienced a situation where you feel your student rights were not respected, or you feel a student has not adhered to their responsibilities, we are still available to receive disclosures, to provide supports and referrals, and to help you navigate internal systems. To connect with the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities, please contact srr@flemingcollege.ca

What if the situation happened online?
The Student Rights and Responsibilities Policy, the Harassment and Discrimination Policy, the Violence Prevention Policy and the Sexual Violence Prevention Policy all have a scope section that identifies online behaviours as behaviours that are still governed under our policies. For example, if in the context of the Fleming environment someone is bullying, harassing, sexually harassing, using hate speech, or threatening you online, these behaviours are unacceptable (this list is not exhaustive). If you are not sure, you can contact the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities and get advice and consultation about possible next steps without making a formal report. That way you can get information to make informed choices.

What if I want to report harm to the College?
We are still available to support you though understanding the multiple reporting options available to you, and all reporting mechanisms are still available. If you would like to report directly with a person, please connect by email to srr@flemingcollege.ca. A phone or video chat meeting will be arranged. If you would prefer, the online report form is also available to you, and can be submitted anonymously (Click here).

How do I keep myself safe during physical distancing/home isolation?
You are not alone in this feeling, physical distancing and staying home is difficult. The stress caused by this difficult global situation increases if you are isolating yourself in a place that you do not feel is safe for you. Safety is the number one priority. Please practice your self-care as best you can, and stay connected to people who are safe and trustworthy through whatever virtual means you have available. If you would like to discuss safety planning, please email srr@flemingcollege.ca. Also, as in most situations where you may have limited options, it can be a good idea to document the situation. Please only document unsafe situations if you can keep your documentation private and it doesn’t increase your danger. As always, if you are unsafe, at any time you can call 911 for help.


Policy Statement

Admission to Fleming College carries with it certain rights and responsibilities. There is an expectation that students will conduct themselves as responsible members of the College Community.

This policy governs student rights and responsibilities on all campuses, residences and at all College sponsored activities off-campus, including activities sponsored by the student governments.  It shall not be construed to alter other duties and obligations inherent in law, other College documents, or the basic educational mission and philosophy of Fleming College. Students are strongly encouraged to become familiar with their rights and responsibilities as outlined in this policy.

Any student who has a complaint about their program of study or any other academic concern should refer to the Academic Regulations Policy, Policy #2-201 – Academic Regulations.

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