The College Space and Infrastructure Committee (CSIC) will be a vital group in the journey to optimize space and the learning environment.  The CSIC will provide strategic direction and decision making to maximize the use and allocation of space resources. In addition to space allocation, the mandate of the committee should include guidance on academic related facility renewal, non-IT equipment, and College planning initiatives.

Under the authority of ELT the CSIC shall:
  1. Advocate for the success of all approved College initiatives by ensuring College space,  facility and equipment resources are strategically allocated within a context of fiscal responsibilities.
  2. Recommend overall budget envelopes for renovations, renewals and equipment to achieve College academic and other operational objectives to ELT.
  3.  Prioritize the allocation of space and approved funding for renovations, renewals and equipment to achieve annual College priorities at all campuses.
  4.  Develop policies and procedures to allocate and manage College space and equipment assets.
  5.  Track, measure and optimize the allocation and use of space and non-IT equipment resources at all campuses.
  6.  Develop consistent space and equipment standards, guidelines and monitoring processes to ensure the quality of facilities and equipment support College objectives and strategic initiatives.
  7.  Determine space and non-IT equipment needs based on the academic activity plans and support service plans.
  8. Develop and assess space plans and equipment needs for dedicated and common activities and areas.
  9. Establish and manage sub-committees to study and recommend solutions to specific issues raised by the College community related to space and non-IT equipment.
  10.  Act as the steering committee for College Master Plan creation and revision as required.
  11.  Develop and maintain a multi-year strategic space utilization plan, aligned with broader College plans and objectives.


The CSIC membership will include:

  • Vice President Academic (or designate)
  • Leader, Academic Operations
  • Vice President Human Resources (or designate)
  • Associate Vice President, Student Services
  • Director, Budget Services
  • Chief Information Officer
  • Director, Physical Resources
  • Vice President  Finance & Administration