Indigenous Environmental Studies & Sciences Degree Program

Indigenous Environmental Studies & Sciences Degree – COMING SOON!

Fleming College and Trent University have signed an agreement that provides a pathway for Fleming students into Trentā€™s Indigenous Environmental Studies and Sciences (IESS) program.

Indigenous Environmental Studies andĀ SciencesĀ (IESS) at Trent University is an innovative and multidisciplinary program. It brings together principles of both Indigenous Knowledge and Western science through courses offered in theĀ Indigenous Studies ProgramĀ andĀ theĀ Trent School of the Environment,Ā as well as unique courses within the program. Instruction integrating these approaches will provide students with the necessary knowledge and skills, including both critical and integrative thinking abilities, to begin to address the complex environmental problems facing Indigenous communities, governments, business, industry, research, and society in general.

Eligible graduates of Flemingā€™s Environmental & Natural Resource Sciences Programs will be given advanced standing in the Indigenous Environmental Studies & Sciences program at Trent.Ā  Trent will grant successful candidates credits towards one of two options. Students may complete a B.A. in Indigenous Environmental Studies or a B.Sc. in Indigenous Environmental Science.