Review Schedule

Academic Year 2019 (Fall 2019-Spring 2020) Program Review Schedule

Code Program Program Review Type
BAC Accounting Annual
AWS Advanced Water Systems Operations and Management Co-op Annual
AEN Applied Planning Envrionmental Cyclical
AQU Aquaculture Co-op Annual
ARB Arboriculture Co-op Annual
ABS Artist Blacksmith Annual
BTF Biotechnology Annual
SBL Blasting Techniques Annual
BAD Business Administration Annual
GBE Business -General Annual
BAH Business Human Resources Annual
CNS Carpentry and Renovation Techniques Annual
CPT Carpentry Technician Cyclical
CER Ceramics Annual
CYW Child and Youth Care Annual
CJS Community and Justice Services Annual
CIC Community Integration Through Co-op Education Cyclical
CTN Computer Engineering Technician Cyclical
CTY Computer Engineering Technology Cyclical
CSI Computer Security and Investigations Annual
NRL Conservation and Environmental Law Enforcement Annual
CET Construction Engineering Technician Cyclical
CM Culinary Management Annual
CHT Culinary Skills Annual
CHM Cultural Heritage Conservation Mgmt Annual
CBS Customs Border Services Annual
DSW Developmental Services Worker Annual
DID Digital Image Design Annual
VAF Drawing and Painting Cyclical
EC Early Childhood Education Annual
ERT Earth Resources Technician Co-op Annual
ERJ Ecological Restoration Honours B.Sc Annual
EMX Ecosytem Management Technology Annual
ED Educational Support Annual
EE Electrical Engineering Technician Annual
EPG Electrical Power Generation Technician Annual
ETQ Electrical Techniques Annual
EMT EMT Annual
ETN Environmental Technician -Optional Co-op Annual
ETY Environmental Technology Annual
EVC Environmental Visual Communication Annual
EST Esthetician Annual
EXA Expressive Arts Annual
FAR Fibre Arts Annual
BO Fish and Wildlife Technician Cyclical
FW Fish and Wildlife Technology Cyclical
FHP Fitness and Health Promotion Annual
FNM Food and Nutrition Management Annual
FT Forestry Technician Annual
GSN GAS- Environmental and Natural Resource Studies Annual
GSU GAS- University Transfer Annual
GC Geographic Info Systems -CartoGraphic Specialist Annual
GIA Geographic Information Systems- Applications Specialist Annual
GBL Glassblowing Annual
GBS Global Business Management Annual
GDV Graphic Design – Visual Communication Cyclical
HIM Health Information Management Annual
HSE Health Safety and Environmental Compliance Annual
HVC Heating Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Cyclical
HEO Heavy Equipment Operator Annual
MPH Heavy Equipment Techniques Annual
HRT Hospitality Annual
INT Instrumentation and Control Engineering Technician Annual
IND Integrated Design Annual
IBM International Business Management Annual
JWA Jewellery Essentials Cyclical
LCK Law Clerk Annual
MAC Massage Therapy Annual
PLM Mechanical Techniques -Plumbing Annual
DA/MHA Mental Health and Addition Worker Annual
ACM Museum Management and Curatorship Annual
POA Occupational Therapist Assistant and Physiotherapist Assistant Annual
OAE Office Administration Executive Annual
ODE Outdoor and Adventure Education Annual
PLG Paralegal Annual
PMD Paramedic Annual
PWS Personal Support Worker Annual
PHM Pharmacy Technician Annual
PHA Photo Arts Annual
PF Police Foundations Annual
PN Practical Nursing Annual
PHS Pre Health Sciences Pathway to Advanced Diplomas and Degrees Annual
GHS Pre Health Sciences Pathway to Certificates and Diplomas Annual
PFF Pre Service FireFighter Education and Training Annual
PMG Project Management Cyclical
LSR Protection Security and Investigation Annual
RLS Recreation and Leisure Services Cyclical
RDB Resources Drilling Technician Annual
SW Social Service Worker Annual
SG Sporting Goods Business Annual
SAG Sustainable Agriculture Co-op Annual
SWM Sustainable Waste Management Annual
THR Therapeutic Recreation Annual
TV Tourism – Global Travel Annual
TTF Trades Fundamentals Annual
Trent-Fleming Bachelor of Science- Nursing Annual
UF Urban Forestry Annual
UFT Urban Forestry Technician Co-op Annual
VCA Visual and Creative Arts Annual
WFT Welding and Fabrication Technician Annual
WTQ Welding Techniques Annual
WIN Wireless Information Networking Cyclical


The following chart represents the Master Schedule of Program Reviews that have been completed within a five year cycle as well as those scheduled for completion.  Annually, the Dean and Chair of the School can modify this schedule, in consultation with the Director of Academic Quality, with a view to ensuring all programs have completed program review within a five year time frame.

Master Schedule for CYCLICAL Program Review (Forecasted)