About PMO


Fleming’s Project Management Office (PMO) is part of the Strategic Planning and Development Department.  The PMO supports project managers and particularly, projects related to the Annual Business Plan Objectives and other strategic initiatives (e.g. Strategic Mandate Agreement – SMA).

The PMO focuses on the successful enterprise-wide projects’ completion on-time, on budget and by achieving intended deliverables (i.e. scope) with quality.  In addition, the PMO identifies, tracks and measures how those project deliverables help the College realize specific strategic target metrics.

Scope of Work

Fleming’s PMO provides best-practice guidance in project-related process and facilitates the sharing of project resources, methodologies, tools, and techniques. The responsibilities of the PMO includes:

  • providing project management supports and functions,
  • tracking, monitoring and controlling projects associated with the Business Plan
  • the direct management of selected strategic projects, and
  • analyzing strategic project efforts, and providing recommendations on strategic and performance gaps.

The PMO provides a consultative role to projects,  project managers and teams by:

  • supplying templates,
  • establishing best practices,
  • developing project policies and procedures,
  • advising Project Managers, Sponsors and Teams,
  • coordinating and aggregating project information and communications about and across projects,
  • providing access to information and lessons learned from past projects.
  • Providing Reports to the Executive Team, the Board, the Ministry and other groups regarding  projects associated with the Annual Business Plan to achieve strategic goals.

Sherry Gosselin, PMP
Director, Project Management Office and Institutional Research Office
x 1726, Room B3371.1