Public Meetings of the Board
Members of the public are welcome to attend Public Board meetings as observers. Please be advised seating is limited and observers need to make arrangements in advance with the Board Office.  Observers may not address or participate in the meeting.  Agenda packages for the Public Board Meeting are available approximately five calendar days in advance of the meeting.

Please contact Sandra Armstrong at if you would like to attend a Public Board meeting as an observer.

Schedule of the 2021-2022 Public Board Meetings & Meeting Packages

September 22, 2021
Public Meeting Package

October 2021 – No Public Meeting

November 24. 2021
Public Meeting Package

December 2021 – No Public Meeting

January 26, 2022
Public Meeting Package

February 2022 – No Public Meeting

March 23, 2022
Public Meeting Package

April 2022 – No Public Meeting

May 25, 2022
Public Meeting Package

June 22, 2022
Public Meeting Package