Health Services is OPEN.

Although the start of the winter semester has been delayed and will begin with online delivery for 2 weeks, Health Services will be open the week starting Monday, January 10th,  2022.

  • On-site nursing care by a Registered Nurse
  • Part- time Physician clinics on campus
  • Physical exam, Pap tests, birth control, STI testing
  • Health education/counselling
  • Assessment of illness, blood work requisitions
  • Vaccines: Flu / Rabies / MMR / Chickenpox /Hep B /Tetanus / Polio
  • Smoking Cessation support + Free Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT)
  • Health Fairs
  • TB skin testing

To gain access to campus:

Proof of vaccination can be submitted through the Fleming Safe Mobile app or the Fleming Safe Desktop app Vaccine Passport Module. This module allows you to submit proof of vaccination in advance of your expected arrival on campus.