Most programs require completion of an immunization form. You can check if yours are required by visiting the Requirements by Program page.

You can complete the immunization requirements through your own health care provider or through an appointment with Fleming College’s Health Services Department.

Follow the instructions included very carefully. Health Services’ staff are happy to answer any questions you have about completing this process.

It is your responsibility to bring the immunization form with you each time you attend an immunization appointment to allow your health care provider to update and sign off on any new information. If you forget your form, Synergy will accept a proof of vaccine card provided by your health care provider. Please note, these cards can be misplaced easily so we recommend that you take a photo of the card immediately.

Synergy does require lab results for clearance.

International Students – please visit – Tips for International Students

Download the Immunization Form: Immunization Form

Pre-Service Firefighters you do not complete the standard Immunization Form. You can download your form here: PSFF Medical Clearance Form

Paramedics in addition to the Immunization Form the Communicable Disease Declaration must also be completed. Click here to download the Paramedic Communicable Disease Declaration.

TB One Step (Annual)

Once students have had the two-step TB test done as required on the immunization form, there will be a yearly update required for specific programs. Please see the Requirements by Program page to determine if your program is included in this requirement. The yearly update is a one-step TB test.

*If during the original two-step TB test, you were required to have a chest x-ray, you are exempt from the TB Annual test for a period of 5 years.*

**Annual TB One Step tests do not have to be conducted by Fleming Health Services, and can be done through your family doctor or local clinic**

Download: Annual TB Shot

Flu Shot

*Required for most programs, MANDATORY for the Paramedic Program.**

While the flu shot is only mandatory for the Paramedic program, the School of Health and Community Services recommends all students on placement obtain the flu shot.

In the event of a flu outbreak at a placement site, it is at the discretion of the site whether they will allow the student missing the shot to be present during the outbreak or whether the student must stay home until the outbreak is over.

To avoid any disruptions to a student’s placement, flu shots are required.

**Please submit electronically to NARs by emailing or Synergy, depending on your program requirements.

COVID Booster

Please note, at this time the Covid Booster is not mandatory, however there is an increase in long-term care facilities requesting the booster for placement students.

Fleming College Health Services

Community Flu Clinics