Mask Fit Test

Disposable N95 masks are used by students on health placements to ensure no bacteria or infections are passed between students and patients. The appropriate fit size and type are essential, so you must be fit tested.

 Please submit completed Maskfit Card to or Synergy, depending on your program requirement. Your testing results will not be forwarded automatically by the testers.

Mask Fit Sessions are booked based on your programs NARs deadline. You will not be able to sign up until you receive an email indicating sign-up is open for your program.

Once you receive an email saying that sign-up is ready, click the link in the email. This will take you to D2L and you can sign up for an available session

Prior to your Mask Fit session, you will be emailed information as well as a Health Screening form that you will need to complete, print, and bring with you to your session.

For POA and THR Programs:

Please contact to sign up for a Mask Fit Session. You will need to pay for this course as it is not included as part of your tuition. 

Fit testing must be conducted every two years.Any significant facial changes (size, shape, etc.) require re-testing for your mask.Any facial hair should be removed as it affects the accuracy of the fit test.