First Aid and CPR

WINTER 2022 – Getting this course through Fleming Continuing Education will not be possible until later in the semester. Please keep this in mind and look around for Community Providers as needed to meet your NARs deadines.

Standard First Aid and Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) skills are required for those who may be required to respond to emergencies while on placement.

Most programs require students to have Standard First Aid and CPR level C.

Massage Therapy and Paramedic students are required to have CPR level HCP.

*Please Note: The BLS Provider certificate is not equivalent to the Standard First Aid and will not be accepted by NARs for this requirement. Separate Standard First Aid certificates must be submitted with the BLS certificates to be considered.

Please submit Certificate to or Synergy, depending on the program requirement. Online first aid/CPR/C courses or renewal courses done online will not be accepted as students are expected to have practical, hands-on knowledge. Blended delivery (online and in class) courses are accepted.

Registering for First Aid/CPR C

Please search for your Community providers, including Fleming College, who are offering First Aid/CPR/C.

Fleming College First Aid: