Your practice placements may seem a while off, but it’s worth thinking about them now. Be open-minded and flexible. You might have come into your chosen program because you want to work with a particular service group, but remember that the potential in your chosen field is much bigger than any one speciality. Learning is about your own mindset as much as it is the setting, so open yourself up to new and unplanned experiences and you’ll remember your placements all your professional life.

This is the Placement Process Map that describes the step-by-step placement process:

Placement Process Map

Samples of Programs’ Placement/Employment Sites:


Hair studios, Spas, Hotels, Entrepreneurship

Fitness and Health Promotion & Recreation and Leisure Services

Recreation centres and health clubs, Entrepreneurship, Hotels, Long term care and retirement homes, Physical therapy clinics, Recreation programs, Outdoor education, Rehabilitation services, Public and private schools

Therapeutic Recreation

Hospitals, long term care, community day programs, mental health centres, rehabilitation centres, in-and-out patient treatment, children’s facilities

Health Information Management

Hospitals, Physician’s offices, Health services, Government, Insurance companies, Private clinics

Massage Therapy

Hotels, Spas, Private clinics, Rehabilitation centres, Entrepreneurship, Physical therapy clinics


Hospitals, Rehabilitation centres, Long term care and retirement homes, Physiotherapy clinics,


Municipal paramedic services, Medical transfer services

Personal Support Worker

Hospitals, Long term care and retirement homes, Home care agencies, Community outreach, Residential care homes

Pharmacy Assistant

Hospitals, pharmacies

Practical Nursing

Hospitals, Long term care and retirement residences, Mental health centres, Government, Insurance companies, Public and private schools, Home care agencies

You may consider consulting the 2011-2012 Fleming College Graduate Report, which highlights the type of work that our graduating students have obtained upon graduation from their program. This document may give you some ideas for potential placement sites.

2011-2012 Fleming College Graduate Report:

2012-2013 Fleming College Graduate Report:  Fleming-Graduate-Placement-Report-2012-13