The Team


Dean Carol Kelsey A2132.14 Ext. 1251
Academic Chair Nick Stone A2132.10 Ext. 1861
Academic Services Leader Allan Hewitt A2132.9 Ext. 1320
Academic Administrative Assistant to the Chair Holly Meyer A2132.1 Ext. 1277
Academic Administrative Assistant to the Dean Kimberley Payne A2132.12 Ext. 1228
Academic Administrative Assistant (NARs) Janice Brunetti A2132.4 Ext. 1860
Biotechnology Advanced Technologist Candace Gainer A3115.2 Ext. 1157
Lab Technician Sarah Mackie  A1117.2  Ext 1279
Placement Liaison Benita Brett A2132.1 Ext. 1066



Code Program Coordinator Ext Office Email
SIM / IPE Wendy Morgan 1485 A1117.2
Biology Kathryn Jarvis 1297 A2141.6
BTF Biotechnology Advanced Ashvin Mohindra 1745 A3115.1
BsCN Nursing

Ruth Walker

Jaime Sims



EST Esthetician Tracy Partridge 1406 A2141.7
 FHP Fitness and Health Promotion Alex Smith 1464 A2132.6
 HIM Health Information Management Pat Hewes 1766 A2132.3
 MST Massage Therapy Kristina Lonsberry 1422 A2141.8
POA Occupational Therapist Assistant & Physiotherapist Assistant


Kelly McKnight







 PMD Paramedic


Mary Osinga





PWS Personal Support Worker Alannah Ferguson 1070 A1117.5
PHM Pharmacy Technician Amanda Mushynski 1158 B2341.1
 PN  Practical Nursing – Program
PN Practical Nursing – Clinical Cheryl Weir (acting) A1117.5
 RLS Recreation & Leisure Services Alex Smith 1464 A2132.6
 THR Therapeutic Recreation Mark Parolin 1210 A2132.6

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