Student Reps

The School of Health & Wellness Student Representative Council (H&W) is: (See Terms of Reference Link for full definition of SRC Terms)

a student advisory body comprised of students, faculty and administrators. The purpose of the H&W SRC is to:

  • Identify student ideas, issues and concerns,
  • deliberate on raised items and share information, and
  • make recommendations to various roles and/or committees within the School of H&W or College.

The H&W SRC is the ‘student voice’ (providing advice, guidance, and information) which will assist in the development of policies, procedures and action plans that promote the engagement of students in the academic and social life of the School of H&W. The intent of the SRC is to create/improve a sense of belonging and connection for students within the School of H&W

SRC Terms of Reference 2017

Academic Issue Resolution

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