Immunizations, TB


Health care workers frequently come into contact with people who are at most risk for serious complications from illness, including young children, the elderly, and people with chronic health conditions. As a student going on placement, you will be required to provide proof to the College and your placement site that you have been immunized.

In order to ensure you have all the health requirements in order before you go to placement, the stamped immunization form for all students must be submitted by the deadline provided on the immunization form. The submission of the immunization form is required only once, during Semester 1, and by the deadline provided on the form.

Fleming Health Services – Entry Immunization Form

**All Immunization forms must be stamped by Health Services (rm C2 129) by the deadline on the form, before submission to Janice Brunetti in the NARs Office (Rm A2 132.4)**

TB One Step (Annual)

Once students have had the two-step TB test done as required on the immunization form, there will be a yearly update required for specific programs. Please see the NARs by Program page to determine if your program is included in this requirement. The yearly update is a one-step TB test.

*If during the original two-step TB test, you were required to have a chest x-ray, you are exempt from the TB Annual test for a period of 5 years.*

**Annual TB One Step tests do not have to be conducted by Fleming Health Services, and can be done through your family doctor or local clinic**

Please submit to Janice Brunetti in the NARs Office (Rm A2 132.4).

Fleming Health Services – Annual Tuberculin (TB) Testing