The Team


Acting Dean Linda Poirier A2132.14 Ext. 1436 
Acting Academic Chair – Justice Diana Collis C2149 Ext. 1462 
Academic Chair – Community Development John MacKinnon A2132.7 Ext. 1431
Academic Services Leader Allan Hewitt A2132.9 Ext. 1320
Academic Administrative Assistant to the Chair Vanessa Craig  A2132.1 Ext. 1384
Academic Administrative Assistant to the Dean Kimberley Payne A2132.12 Ext. 1228
Academic Administrative Assistant – NARS Jan Brunetti A2132.4 Ext. 1860
Placement Liaison Benita Brett C2136 Ext. 1066


Code Program Coordinator Ext Office Email
SIM / IPE Wendy Morgan 1485 A1117.2
CYW Child and Youth Care Heather Sago 1872 A2132.8
CICE Community Integration Through Co-operative Education Patty Thompson 1033 A2141.1
Common Semester Shauna Longmuir 1213 C2161
CJS Community & Justice Services Cindy Gervais 1646 C2145
CBS Customs Border Services Jesse Pudwell 1980 C2148
DSW Developmental Services Worker Ann Hines 1073 A2132.2
DA Mental Health & Addiction Worker Jason Carter 1077 A2132.3
ECE Early Childhood Education Tanya Pye 1344 A2141.1
EMP Emergency Management James Cowan 1401  A2132.5
ED Educational Support Patty Thompson 1033 A2141.1
LCK Law Clerk Amy Maycock 1255 C2143
PLG Paralegal Amy Maycock 1255 C2143
 PF Police Foundations Todd Hataley 1019 C2139
 PFF Pre-Service Firefighter James Cowan 1401 A2132.5
 LSR Protection, Security & Investigation Christine O’Neill-Hawthorne  1826  C2141
SSW Social Service Worker Meredith Pilley 1140 A2132.2
Dual Dual Diploma –  SSW & MHAW Jason Carter 1077 A2132.3