Sexual Violence Prevention

Sexual Violence Prevention Training – Please click here to register.
See the dates below. If these dates have passed, please note they are updated every semester.

Level 1: Sexual Violence Awareness Training – Students learned information about sexual violence statistics and myths to better understand how the continuum of sexual violence is a societal issue.  Students also became informed on how to be a good support person during and after a disclosure of sexual assault or sexual violence.  One hour duration.

Upcoming dates:

Wednesday July 3rd: 11am-12pm in room C2 125
Thursday July 4th: 2pm-3pm in room B3 320

Level 2: Bystander Intervention Training – Through the use of case studies, and videos , participants learned about the bystander effect, and how to be the person that takes action against actual or potential situations of sexual violence.  Students were provided tools for intervention and an opportunity to practice. 1 hour duration. Level 1 is mandatory before taking level 2.

Upcoming dates:

Wednesday July 3rd: 12pm-1pm in room C2 125
Thursday July 4th: 3pm-4pm in room B3 320

Space is limited, so please register ASAP.