Awareness & Prevention Workshops

Please note: all Sexual Violence Prevention Training is CCR eligible, and offered online via WebEx until further notice

  • Level 1: Informed Support Person – watch for the new online module coming soon!

Learn about sexual violence support services available at the college, and how to help someone who discloses an experience to you.

Diversity & Inclusion Services will be offering the following series of free workshops with Alisha Fisher and Lucas Schaefer from the Kawartha Sexual Assault Centre team. Please click here to register

Level 2: Bystander Intervention: March 2022, dates will be posted soon!

This workshop is focused on how we can build safer communities. Sexual violence affects everyone, regardless of gender, age, or cultural background. Learn techniques to safely redirect behaviour that can lead to sexual violence and take action when you see harm.

Healthy Masculinity: March 2022, dates will be posted soon!

 This session is an overview of some of the topics covered in the four-week MENding series from Kawartha Sexual Assault Centre exploring society’s expectations of men and masculinity and identifying stereotypes that men feel pressured to adhere to. While MENding is a program specifically for men, this workshop is open to students of all gender identities as we discuss how we can build a world that works for everyone, where men are empowered to claim their emotions and build healthy relationships not based on dominance.

Healthy Relationships: March 2022, dates will be posted soon!

Our connections to other people have been limited and strained or, on the other, enhanced by the restrictions on our social lives for the past two years. Understanding what makes our relationships thrive, even in a pandemic, is key to not only our physical, mental and emotional health, but also the health of our partners, families, friends and communities. We will discuss:

– the benefits of healthy relationships, and how the media distorts our understanding of what is considered healthy
– the foundations of healthy relationships, with a focus on intimate/romantic relationships
– the importance of understanding consent and respecting each other’s bodies and emotions
– effective communication strategies for sharing our needs