Indigenous Education

Fleming College is committed to the inclusion of Indigenous Knowledge & experience in curriculum and throughout Programs & campuses. Some of our goals include:

  • Increasing our Indigenous Perspectives designated programs, while also working to embed Indigenous experience and knowledge across programming.
  • Linking Programs with Indigenous Knowledge holders, Professionals and community to build & maintain  respectful and reciprocal  relationships.
  • Establishing Indigenous Community connections that support all students, including those in the Indigenous Perspectives designation programs.
  • Create opportunities for meaningful Academic partnerships with Indigenous communities.
  • Employing a dedicated Indigenous recruiter to proactively work with Indigenous communities.
  • Planning physical spaces ensures that Indigenous perspectives are considered and implemented.
  • Bring opportunities to the classroom to enhance every student’s experience at Fleming College.
  1. Indigenous Education Protocol
  2. Sharing Indigenous Traditional Knowledge in your classroom.
  3. Indigenous Perspectives Designation, Graduate Learning Outcomes, and more.