Completed Projects

The Capital Projects Management team manages planning, design and construction for the College. The team functions as a liaison between the College and our consultants, guiding the process and ensuring that the college’s programmatic, aesthetic, schedule and financial priorities are properly represented throughout the planning, design and construction of new facilities or renovations of existing facilities. The team also  provides technical expertise to the College in general,  concerning engineering, building code compliance, architectural design and construction management. Interior design, furnishings planning, design and procurement are also addressed by this team.

We are pleased to announce the following completed projects at Sutherland and Frost Campuses.

Sutherland Campus

Paving Repairs

  • Completed Fall 2020 – Managed by Gareth Nelmes
  • Removal of loose asphalt and repairs are underway.

Classroom Chair Replacement in D Wing

  • Completed Fall 2020 – Managed by Gareth Nelmes
  • Fixed seating will be replaced with standard furniture to make D Wing classrooms more user friendly and comfortable for students.

Lecture Theatre Lighting-B Wing

  • Completed Summer 2020 – Managed by Gareth Nelmes
  • New LED lighting will be installed to minimize utility cost and to make the theatre brighter for students to work in.

New Camera’s

  • Completed Spring 2021 – Managed by John Gallen
  • Works is ongoing throughout the school to enhance the camera system for the safety of the students.

Desbien Brick Replacement

    • Completed Spring 2020 – Managed by Gareth Nelmes
    • Removal of the existing stacked stone siding has been completed.
    • Installation of steel support structure is complete.
    • New siding panels have been installed.

Conversion of Card Readers in D-Wing to Keyscan System.

    • Installation of the Keyscan system.

Student Workstations and Cabinets for Conservation Lab.

    • Completed Spring 2020 – Managed by Gareth Nelmes
    • New work space tables, carts and chairs have been delivered and installed.

Painting and Flooring.

    • Works are ongoing throughout the campus to repair walls and flooring as required.


    • Hanging signs have been updated and the remainder of the signage is complete.

Replacement of Pirelli Flooring.

    • Completed Summer 2020 – Managed by Mike Peart
    • A new flooring material to cover the existing Pirelli Flooring.

IT Hub Room Chiller Install

    • Completed Spring 2020 – Managed by Gareth Nelmes
    • Phase 1 complete

Washroom Upgrades 

    • Completed Winter 2020 – Managed by Mike Peart
    • C1450.6 and C1450.7 received new flooring to replace the existing that was starting to fail.
    • New ceramic tile has been installed

One Card Office 

    • Completed Spring 2020 – Managed by Gareth Nelmes
    • One Card office in Steele Center is complete
    • Work to completed on March 3, 2020.
    • New glass wall has been installed

Roof Membrane Replacement

    • Completed Fall 2019 – Managed by Gareth Nelmes
    • Four sections of roofing replaced at the Sutherland Campus.
    • TPO Roofing Membrane was installed with a 25 year warranty.

Various Paving Repairs

    • Completed Fall 2019 – Managed by Gareth Nelmes
    • Dobbin road entrance and areas around the Campus at Sutherland have been repaved to repair failing asphalt
    • Completed areas around the Residence Buildings.

Coffered Ceiling Replacement in C2 

    • Completed Fall 2019 – Managed by Gareth Nelmes
    • Refreshed offices in C-WIng and removed the existing coffered ceiling and replaced it with a more contemporary t-bar ceiling.
    • All rooms received new carpet, new lighting and were repainted.

New Video-Wall

    • Completed Winter 2019 – Managed by Gareth Nelmes
    • A 9 screen video-wall was installed in the main lobby at the Sutherland Campus.
    • A structural wall was built to support the weight of the video-wall.
    • Video-wall displays content about the College and achievements of the Students.

Refresh of Fulford’s Bistro 

    • Completed Winter 2019 – Managed by Gareth Nelmes
    • The Refresh at Fulford’s Bistro was completed to provide a better student experience and a facility to hold external events.
    • Coat closet was moved into the corridor from the end of the bar.
    • Folding wall was moved to provide a meeting space with AV capabilities.
    • Access to and from kitchen was reworked to make it better from students using the space.

C Wing Washrooms Refresh 

    • Completed Fall 2019 – Managed by Gareth Nelmes
    • Washroom Refresh for C wing are complete

Frost Campus 

Makeup Air Unit

  • Completed Spring 2021 – Managed by Gareth Nelmes
  • Project is ongoing to allow for better air flow through rooms 232 & 233

Roof Repairs

  • Completed Fall 2020 – Managed by Gareth Nelmes
  • Roof repairs are underway to make the building envelope more secure and reduce leaks

Fish Hatchery Refresh

  • Completed Spring 2021 – Managed by Gareth Nelmes
  • Project is ongoing to refresh the fish hatchery to modernize and make it my appealing to students and staff

Aboriginal Lounge and Diversity Office-Frost 

    • Aboriginal lounge renovation has begun with temporary relocation of staff
    • Lounge will be extended and new offices built to accommodate Aboriginal staff & student needs
    • Painting, flooring and new furniture will give the lounge an updated look and feel
    • Diversity office will move to a more central location and this is still to be determined


    • Project is ongoing to replace the signage within the main building to improve way-finding for visitors and new students.

Various Paving Repairs

    • Completed Fall 2019 – Managed by Gareth Nelmes

Construction of CAWT Building

    • Building has been delivered to site and has been assembled.
    • Interior fit out has started with the installation of drywall and the HVAC ducting.
    • Underfloor heating has been installed in the concrete slab for the building.
    • HVAC equipment and hot water tanks for the building are on site.
    • Enbridge has installed the new gas meter.

Haliburton Campus

Gender Neural Washroom

  • Completed Spring 2021 – Managed by Gareth Nelmes
  • Renovation of the existing washroom to allow for a gender neutral washroom keeping up with other campus and the need for this facility.

Roof Repairs

  • Completed Fall 2020 – Managed by Gareth Nelmes
  • Roof repairs are underway to make the building envelope more secure and reduce leaks

Fibre C Siding – Haliburton Campus

    • Replacement of the existing siding panels that have been damaged or have degraded due to the weather.
    • Project will replace 40 panels on the exterior of the building that are damaged.
    • Working with a local Contractor to receive a quote for the work.

Wooden Beam Repair

    • Completed Winter 2020 – Managed by Gareth Nelmes
    • One of the beams for the structure of the building was weathering due to the climate in Haliburton and needed to have a section replaced.
    • Work to remove the weathered section and replace with a section of a Hemp Beam was completed over the Winter Break.
    • Also repaired a section of the roof drain that was leaking water on to the beam and causing it to weather.

Refresh of Administrative Offices in the Main Building

    • Completed Spring 2020 – Managed by Gareth Nelmes
    • Administrative offices at Haliburton Campus are undergoing a refresh.
    • New carpet tile is being installed.
    • Offices to be painted and any damage repaired.
    • Work was completed during Week 8.

Peel Building Refresh 

    • Completed Winter 2020 – Managed by Gareth Nelmes
    • Peel Building at Haliburton underwent a refresh to provide a better workshop experience for the Metal Working classes that take place there.
    • Classroom had a new ceiling installed, new stair case to the upper level, new led lighting and a CCTV camera system to monitor the exterior doors.
    • A new compressor enclosure was constructed to stop the compressor freezing up in the Winter and disrupting classes.

GGRP HVAC Upgrades
Blackstone have been retained to procure and install new HVAC units replacing HVAC units for all Campuses.

GGRP Exterior Lighting Upgrades
Blackstone have been retained to provide new exterior lighting for the Sutherland Campus including the bus stop area.

GGRP Hot Water Boiler Upgrades
Blackstone have been retained to procure and install replacement hot water boilers for all Campuses including residence buildings. 

GGRP Door Replacements
The exterior doors at the three main campuses will be replaced to help temperature control within the buildings.  The existing doors have been measured and the dimensions recorded for procurement purchases.

GGRP Revolving Door
The main entrance to the Sutherland Campus would benefit from a revolving door especially during high traffic times to aid temperature control in the Lobby.  A code consultant has been retained to make sure the College has the correct size for exiting purposes.  Representatives from revolving door installers will be on site to review the space and provide recommendations. 

Completed Spring 2019

Infosilem/Book It Implementation
Managed by Kim English

BookIt@Fleming is planned to launch to students in the winter semester, until that time please use the following link to request space:

Completed-Spring 2019

Test Centre – Renovation of Test Centre
Managed by Gareth Nelmes

Completed-January 2019

A-Wing Sutherland

Sutherland A Wing Renovation
Managed by: Mike Peart

A Wing construction has been completed, the contractor will be working through and completing deficiencies

Gow Hasting has been engaged as the Prime Consultant on the project. For more information on Gow Hastings please visit website;

Completed September 2018

Frost GeoCentre and Environmental Sciences Renovation
Managed by: Mike Peart

The Frost GeoCentre & Environmental Renovation has been completed, the contractor will be working through and completing deficiencies.

Brook Mciloy has been engaged as the Prime Consultant on the project. For more information on Brook Mclloy please visit website:

The new roadway has been built by our own Heavy Equipment class.

Completed September 2018

Portable Moves – Frost and Sutherland
Managed by Mike Peart

The move of portables used during the renovations at Sutherland and Frost as temporary office space.  The portables have been decanted and are being returned to their owners.  The works involve disconnect of power and data and moving the portables to a staging area prior to them leaving the campuses.

Completed-November 2018

Installation of Fleming College Logo on North End of A Wing
Managed by Mike Peart

This project will install the Fleming logo on the north end of the new A Wing siding.  This will help project the identity of the College.

Completed-February 2019

ECS Phase 2 Renovation
Managed by Gareth Nelmes

Renovate the old Counselling Space to create new offices for the International Office and the Student Life Office.  The works will be a complete renovation of the space using the standard colours in the latest projects, new LED lighting and efficient use of space to ensure better services for the Student Community at Fleming College.

Demolition and construction of new walls was completed prior to the holiday break.

Completed-January 2018

Engineering Commons
Managed by Gareth Nelmes

Re-organisation of the current Engineering Commons for new courses held by the Faculty.  The project will involve the creation of two new work areas, with power and data for each work area.  New lighting in the upper and lower teaching areas.

Completed-January 2018

Frost and Sutherland Libraries Front Desk Replacement
Managed by Kim English

Replacement of the existing Library front desks with new furniture to provide a better service for the users of the Libraries.

Completed-February 2019

Replace Trash Compactors at Frost and Sutherland
Managed by Talbot Hurren

Replacement of existing trash compactors at the Frost and Sutherland Campuses.  Units are approaching the end of their useful life.  New units will provide reliable service for the back of house services.

Completed-December 2018

Building Science Review

Managed by Kim English

Completed-January 2019

Café Countertop / Stands – A2 Sutherland
Managed by Mike Peart

Completed-December 2018

Code Compliance Review at Haliburton, CREW & Peel
Managed by Kim English

Completed-January 2019

Refresh of PRD Space – Refresh of C2129
Managed by Gareth Nelmes

Completed-November 2018

RO Office – Minor Renovations
Managed by Gareth Nelmes

Completed-November 2018

Trash Compactors – Frost and Sutherland
Managed by Mike Peart

Completed-December 2018

Replace Dock 8 Interior Doors
Managed by Talbot Hurren

Work has begun on replacing the loading dock 8 interior fast freeze door.

Completed-December 2018

Reshingle Cabins 7 & 8 at Haliburton
Managed by Gareth Nelmes

Completed-July 2019

Oxygen/Acetylene Hose Reel Distribution – Haliburton
Managed by Mike Peart

Completed-January 2019

Move of Portable #1
Managed by Mike Peart

Portable #1 has been relocated to its permanent location and re-skirted.

Completed November 2018

Jail cell Move
Managed by Mike Peart

The Law and justice jail cell has been relocated to A1 135.2

Completed November 2018

AO Refresh
Managed by Gareth Nelmes

The AO Area has been refreshed with new carpets, new sustainable LED lighting and the area has been repainted.  The AO have moved back in and the new stair treads have been installed.

Completed November 23, 2018

New Ceiling and Flooring in C2
Managed by Gareth Nelmes

The existing ceiling on C2 adjacent to rooms C2129 and C2130 has been upgraded to suspended ceiling by 3M Construction. This project refreshes this corridor and expands the ceiling and LED lighting standards that have been implemented in the renovated A-Wing.

Completed November 2018

GIS/Learning Commons Ceramic Flooring Install – Frost
Managed by Talbot Hurren

New ceramic tile flooring has been installed in the Frost LRC, replacing the old concrete surface for a modern cleaner look and feel.

Completed August 2018

Resources Drilling and Blasting Overhead Door Safety Sensor Install – Frost
Managed by Talbot Hurren

Completed  2018

Hoist Decommission Heavy Equipment Building – Frost
Managed by Talbot Hurren

Completed  2018

Concrete Slab at Heavy Equipment Building – Frost
Managed by Talbot Hurren

The heavy Equipment concrete apron has been repaired/replaced in time for the winter semester.

Completed December 2018

Carpet Replacement in Frost Library
Managed by Talbot Hurren

The Frost Library carpet has been replaced and brings a welcome update to this space

Completed December 2018

Coffered Ceiling Replacement
Managed by Gareth Nelmes

The coffered ceiling replacement project has been completed at Sutherland Campus. This work focused on all levels of the B-Wing and was completed by Jeffrey G Wallans Construction. This ceiling replacement project brings a welcome visual enhancement to B-Wing ceilings but  also includes the upgrade of ceiling lighting to more sustainable LED fixtures.

Completed Ceiling Update

Completed Ceiling and Led lighting Update

Coffered ceiling and fluorescent lighting

Completed December 2018

Excavation for GGRP – Sutherland

  • On May 8, four test pits for the Greenhouse Gas Campus Retrofits Program (GGCRP) were excavated at Sutherland campus.
  • Each test pit was two meters in depth.

Air Handling Unit Installation – Sutherland

  • A crane was onsite at the east side of the north facing stairwell to install an air handling unit.

A2 Tiling Installation – Sutherland

  • Tile installation is complete along the A2 corridor to the massage lab doors.

New Entrance to A-Wing – Sutherland

  • The stairwell adjacent Breaktime is open for access to A1 from B-Wing.

    Entrance adjacent Breaktime is now open to A1.

Maple Sliding Doors in A-Wing – Sutherland

  • The maple sliding doors and fixtures have been installed in A1 and A2 faculty office spaces in the A-Wing.

Maple sliding doors in A2 faculty office spaces.

Hydraulic ChiselSutherland

  • A hydraulic chisel was used to chip concrete on the west facing side of the A-Wing construction site, in front of the old purchasing dock.
  • Work began Monday, April 2.
  • A stone slinger was onsite to deliver stone for the west-facing side of the A-Wing construction site.

Painting on A1 and A2 – Sutherland

  • A1 and A2 of the A-Wing Construction site were painted beginning the week of March 26, 2018.

Before and after photos of the A2 corridor.

Purchasing Corridor B2375 – Sutherland

  • New doors were installed in the Purchasing corridor, B2375.

Before and after photos of Purchasing door.

Con-Ed Office Space Sutherland

  • Planned renovations to the Con-Ed office space began February 28, 2018, including demolition work of existing space.
  • The LRC Service Desk was decommissioned on Friday, March 2, 2018 in the afternoon to accommodate the Con-Ed renovation and was relocated on Saturday, March 3, 2018.
  • Access to the Service Desk is now at the rear of the LRC.

Before and after photos of the Con-Ed Office Space.

Fire Shutter InstallationSutherland

  • Fire shutters were installed at the A-Wing construction site beginning on Wednesday, March 21.
  • Shutters were installed on all levels of the A-Wing construction site.

Fire shutter on A2.

A1 Flooring Installation – Sutherland

  • Flooring installation was complete the weekend of Friday, March 16, 2018 in the corridor to labs and offices on A1 of the A-Wing construction site.

A1 flooring installation.

E2 Stairwell – Sutherland

  • The E2 stairwell, by the loading area parking lot, underwent upgrades as the treads on the steps were replaced on Friday, March 9, 2018.
  • The project was complete by Tuesday, March 13, 2018.
  • The photo on the left is the “before” photo, and the photo on the right is “after”.

AHU14 HVAC System – Frost

  • AHU14 HVAC System was installed at Frost campus during the week of Monday, March 5, 2018.

New AHU14 HVAC system,

Information Booth and Bookstore – Sutherland

  • Hoardings were installed at the Information Booth and Bookstore entrance areas to enable regulatory compliant reconstruction of the south wall of the A Wing.
  • Information Booth operations will be temporarily relocated to the main lobby for the duration of this work.

Elm Lot – Sutherland

  • Excavation work was complete on Monday, March 6, 2018 for digital parking signs.
  • Digital parking signs will be installed in the coming weeks.

Excavation work began Monday, March 5, 2018.

KTTC Room D1129 – Sutherland

The D1129 Sutherland Campus renovation has brought this large open area into a modern, multi-functional space that can not only enhance academic activities, but become a flexible and a dynamic conference center for school and public use.   For more information on D1129 Renovation

  • D1129 is a beautiful open, bright and inviting space for our students and staff
  • The Sky-fold walls allow flexibility to accommodate classrooms and  conference center use
  • This amazing renovation is complete and has classes running
  • Staff and students love the modern look and feel of this new learning area

SENRS Office Renovation – Frost (Pictures to follow)

Welcome to the School of Environmental & Natural Resources Office, located in Room 202.

  • The SENRS office has been renovated to accommodate School of Environmental & Natural Resource Sciences Dean/Principal, the Academic Chair, Environmental, the Academic Chair, Natural Resources and SENRS staff.

Physical Resources – Frost

 Spa & Clinic at Fleming College – Sutherland

  • Redesigning our massage clinic and adding the esthetician lab created a wonderful space for learning and teaching
  • Completed summer 2016


GDV Studio- Sutherland

  • A modern and unique space for our new Graphic Design Program
  • Completed Fall 2016


HR Refresh Project

  • The HR department has had a refresh with new flooring, lighting and paint. This was done while keeping HR up and running which was a challenge but the end result looks well worth it.

Relaxation and Sensory Room – Sutherland (Pictures to follow)

Relaxation and Sensory Rooms are relaxing spaces that help reduce agitation and anxiety, but they can also engage and delight the user, stimulate reactions and encourage communication.

  • Room was painted “Mellow Blue”
  • New accessible door
  • VCT was laid
  • Various tactile & stimulating items–couch, bean bag chairs, mat, lights, Aromatherapy diffuser
  • LED lights installed

Dobbin Rd. 4 Way Stop – Sutherland 

  • Amidst our beautiful campus our newly paved 4 way stop
  • Completed Fall 2016


Office of the Registrar – Lower – Sutherland

  • Upgrades to glazed external wall
  • Installation of thermal breaks and panel insulation for improved thermal efficiency


Atlantic Salmon Hatchery – Frost

  • Phase 2 demolition of steel grate and structure over in floor settling tank
  • Fabrication and installation of new supports and grating