Cisco WebEx Privacy Tips For Meetings with Students

Meetings hosted via Cisco WebEx attended by more than one student require the host to take certain privacy precautions to protect students’ personal information.

The following guidelines should be followed to ensure that students’ personal Information is protected when meeting via Cisco WebEx:

  • Create the event/meeting via WebEx ahead of the scheduled time but DO NOT add participants directly to the event
  • Forward the invitation link (that is sent to you directly by Cisco WebEx) to each participant individually (this should be done using the BCC field)
    • In the invitation, notify all attendees that if they choose to ask a question via the chat function and/or using their microphone/webcam during the meeting, that their First and Last name will be visible to all of the other attendees
    • Attendees that do not wish for their name to be visible to other participants are also able to ask questions privately by selecting ‘host’ as the recipient (as opposed to ‘everyone’)
  • As the host, when the event is set to begin, ensure that the participant list is hidden from all other participants

Questions or concerns pertaining to privacy and Cisco WebEx can be directed to:

Questions or concerns pertaining to Cisco WebEx software can be directed to:

For more information about what constitutes personal information, and how we protect personal information at Fleming College, please visit Fleming College’s Privacy FAQs and Tips, and Fleming College’s Privacy Policies and Procedures.