Event Requests

BookIt@Fleming is a room reservation software managed by PRD systems. This software allows faculty, staff, and students to make reservations of spaces such as meeting rooms throughout our campuses. BookIt@Fleming is a self-serve booking software that may be accessed from your desktop or mobile device.

At this time, only requests and self-serve bookings for meeting room space is available. If you require academic space or any services including setup, parking, security or IT/AV, please use the below forms for Frost and Sutherland campus.

 Access BookIt@Fleming here

As a general guideline, room and space bookings will be fulfilled on a first come, first served basis. Requests for room or space bookings shall be responded to the same day or next day as outlined in the Physical Resources Department Client Service Standards Directive.Due to the limited number of available meeting rooms, Info Booth staff will not book a meeting room for a group of less than five people unless there is a special need such as an HR Interview, SR&R Interview or the meeting is with government officials or other types of dignitaries.Persons requesting a meeting room for less than five people should be asked to use alternate spaces including:

  1. Their Office
  2. The Cafeteria
  3. Soft Seating Areas
  4. Outdoor Gathering Spaces

If you are reserving space for a larger event that also requires services such as set-ups, IT/AV, security, etc.. please complete the attached forms. Please submit requests for event set up 5 business days or more in advance.

**Last minute requests cannot be guaranteed**

Event Booking Requests for Frost Campus

Event Booking Requests for Sutherland Campus

In the event of a booking conflict or if there are more requests received than available space the Information Booth staff will use the following prioritization hierarchy to process the bookings:

  1. Academic Delivery: space requirements for the delivery of full-time academic curriculum.
  2. Continuing Educations & Contract Training: space requirements for the delivery of continuing education and contract training curriculum.
  3. Governance Meetings: space requested for the Board of Governors and Executive Leadership Team meetings.
  4. Corporate Events: space requested for College events including but not limited to Convocation, Open House, College Information Program and Fundraising.
  5. Student Program Space: space requested by students to complete academic requirements such as educational displays and/or presentations.
  6. Student Meeting Space: space requested by students to complete group work related to academic curriculum.
  7. Employee Meeting Space: space requested by administrators, faculty and staff to conduct work related meetings.
  8. External Bookings: space requested by external persons, groups or agencies for events or meetings.

Concerns and conflicting priorities about space bookings should be directed to;

Jennifer Smith Manager, Operations and Grounds ext.1650