Bursaries and Scholarships available to GIS Post-graduate students

Current students and recent graduates can apply to and be recognized by the following awards and competitions.

Name Application Information More Details
Fleming College Scholarships and Bursaries Various Fleming Bursaries are available. Review to see if you are eligible to apply.
External –
Esri Canada Associate Program (Job)
Twelve month, full-time paid position in Toronto, Vancouver or Montreal that provides cross-functional experience in Professional Services, Training, Technical Support, Sales and Technical Strategy. Apply in Winter of each year directly to Esri Canada

Students must apply directly to Esri Canada at the yearly information session

Esri Canada GIS Scholarship Award Esri Canada awards the Faculty-chosen individual with a cash award, ArcGIS Software licensing, books, corporate training, and networking opportunities.

See dates and more below table, and in link below:

External – BeSpatialĀ  $500 Student Bursary Offering: Students are required to submit a paper (or a poster) detailing a GIS project completed or in the process of being completed as a requirement for their studies at a designated educational institution in Ontario.

See to apply.

Canadian Institute of Geomatics the Canadian Institute of Geomatics offers a complimentary membership for one year as an award. Membership includes a subscription of one year to our online Geomatica Journal and Group insurance with exclusive membership rates.

No application necessary

Anyone can also join CIG, see

External – Canadian Institute of Geomatics —
The Hans Klinkenberg memorial scholarship

The Hans Klinkenberg Memorial Scholarship provides scholarships to students in the geomatics sciences at technical institutes and community colleges in Canada.

Students may apply prior to February 15th of each year as outlined in the Hans Klinkenberg Deed of Award. Two awards are presented annually. Awards range from $500 to $2000. The Board of Trustees representing the Hans Klinkenberg Memorial Scholarship evaluates each submission received on the basis of scholastic achievement and various required documents.

Students must apply to CIG.

External – Canadian Cartographic Association The CCA sponsors the long-standing Presidentā€™s Prize /Prix du PrĆ©sident for student map-making and the Best Student Paper delivered at the annual conference. For those interested in pursuing cartographic education, there is the Norman Nicholson Memorial Scholarship .

Students must apply to the CCA to be considered.

External –
CaGIS Cartography & Geographical Information Society
Ā The Cartography and Geographic Information Society Annual Map Design Competition. Open to all mapmakers in the United States and Canada for maps completed or published during the past calendar year.

Students must apply directly to be considered.

Kawartha-Haliburton Surveyors Scholastic Award in Memory of Thomas E. Lyons Awarded by the The Association of Ontario Land Surveyors Educational Foundation this award is presented yearly to a student in the GIS Specialist program who attended survey camp and exemplifies leadership in the participation of assignments, and prepared exemplary field notes. $1,250 award. No application necessary
all current full-time students are considered. Student must be in good standing to be considered.
GIS Award The Association of Ontario Land Surveyors Educational Foundation’s second award is presented yearly to the student who exemplifies leadership in project management. $1,250 award. No application necessary
All current full-time students are considered. Student must be in good standing to be considered.

Esri Canada GIS Scholarship for a Fleming Student – (Winter 2023)

Courtesy of Esri Canada, this year we are excited to be able to award to a current full-time student. Faculty will nominate one candidate from the pool of applications if submitted before the due date:

Application Due: End of Week 8 in Winter 2023

Requirements to be Nominated

  • A current Fleming post-graduate full-time GIS student, in Cartographic or Applications Specialist Programs, Online or In-person.
  • Meet minimum high academic achievement (B+ or higher) in First Semester, and ongoing performance while in Second Semester.
  • Completed portfolio of cartographic digital and/or physical products using Esri Software (from Fall semester, or custom worksĀ while attending Fleming College)
  • Works well with faculty, staff, and classmates.
  • Will be a good ambassador for theĀ college

Application Package to be Nominated:

Before the due date, you must deliver to the Coordinator of the GIS program (Shawn Morgan) the following:

  • A letter addressed to all GIS Faculty outlining why you should be the nominee for this years class.
  • A one-page summary report of how you used Esri Software in and outside of the Fleming program.
  • An updated resume.
  • An unofficial Fleming transcript showing you are in good standing with a minimum B+ average. Esri Canada may require the nominated individual to submit an official transcript.
  • Portfolio of cartographic and/or technical works, digital and/or physical, academic or personal works accepted.

The application package can be a physical, but is ideally digital, or combination of the two. It must be professionally packaged and showcase your intent to be nominated. For digital submissions, use web-technology to host and display the information as an interactive experience. Posters, cartographic works, and other physical items will be returned once the nomination has taken place.

Requirements to be awarded Scholarship after Nomination

If chosen, you will be required to submit to Esri Canada the following items before the scholarship is awarded (we negotiate an extension from the mid-June date, so that the end of June is the last date for submission or the nomination is forfeited).

  • Current resume
  • A poster created by yourself from works completed in theĀ program, due the end of June. This poster will be displayed at conferences andĀ ideally should be a product of your FlemingĀ education. For example, can be from your collaborative project HOWEVER must be an individual effort in its actual creation.
  • A summary reportĀ demonstrating your use of Esri technology

By submitting your application, you agree that the information may be shared with Esri Canada. If you are selected to be nominated, you authorize Fleming to forward your full package information to Esri Canada. Only the nominee’s package and information will be sent to Esri Canada.