Students enrolled in the GAO Application Specialist Post Grad Certificate may be required to secure a proctor for midterms and finals.

Students will be notified via their Fleming email which course(s) will require a proctor.
Students will complete the required paper work with their proctor for each midterm or exam and return.
Once the paper work is returned the testing centre staff will send testing instructions to the proctor.
Costs associated with proctors are the student’s responsibility.
Here is the Proctor form that must be filled out and returned.
Proctor Information Form Online 2018

Student responsibilities for invigilated tests

Finding an invigilator (proctor)

Your invigilator must have no personal relationship to you (i.e. relative, friend, colleague, neighbour or employer). Acceptance of your invigilator is at the sole discretion of Fleming College.

An invigilator can be:
· A recognised professional or community leader such as a teacher working for an accredited school, guidance counsellor, librarian, minister, or band elder.
· The staff at the testing centre of a nearby college or academic institution
· Someone who holds office in a recognised community or government organisation such as a municipal government office, Native centre, employment centre etc.

If you live close to Lindsay you may want to come to the Frost Campus Testing Centre or join your Face to Face classmates in their scheduled class to write an exam or write in our computerized Test Centre. ** there is no charge to use Fleming college

Please find below some information on using Contact North office as your proctor


Contact North | Contact Nord offers to levels of Invigilation services:

Level 1 (fees apply) A Contact North staff person administers and supervises the exam continuously while performing no other duties.

Level 2 (no fee) A Contact north staff person administers and supervises the exam while performing regular duties.

Level 1 fee for Ontario colleges is $20/hour/centre.