Esri Software

Student copies ArcGIS Desktop and ArcGIS Pro

NOTE: These instructions have changed. Please contact Kevin Rabjohn for the latest instructions

Navigate to and create a global user account if you don’t already have one.

Get EVA number from Kevin at Geomatics desk to license it for one year.

Go to the ArcGIS for Desktop 10.7 Education Edition site.

Login using your Esri Global Account.

Click on I have a ESRI Account or create a ESRI Account

On the Activate your ArcGIS for Desktop 10 Authorization Number page, enter the EVAXXXXXXXXX number that you received from Fleming College and click the ‘Submit’ button.



Right click on the .zip file you downloaded and click “extract all” extract it to a location you can find on your hard drive.

Once the ArcGIS 10.7.1 Desktop software download is complete, run the exe ArcGIS_Desktop_ First, then ArcGIS_Data_Interop_for_Desktop

  • run ArcGIS_Desktop_ First, then ArcGIS_Data_Interop_for_Desktop_
  • When prompted, select ArcGIS for Desktop Advanced Single Use.
  • Select I have installed my software and need to authorize it
  • Authorize with ESRI using the internet
  • Fill in all your personal info and the next screen choose Student, Higher education, not sure the last one but something like student/education etc
  • Follow and fill out the next screens appropriately
  • When prompted, accept the default, I do not wish to authorize any extensions at this time. The extensions will be authorized automatically.
  • Enter your authorization number: EVA*******, that you got from the Geomatics desk and click Next.
  • Keep going through the screens and Wait for the authorization to say Congratulations!Wait for the authorization to say Congratulations!Any questions let me know.

    Thanks, Kevin Rabjohn