Survey Camp

Note: For 2020-2021 and 2021-2022 survey camp has been modified significantly to address COVID-19 restrictions, but our learning outcomes go unchanged. Here details the non-COVID version which will not occur in the years indicated. 

We have a few options available for your survey camp required course, in Week 9 (29 October through November 1st, 2018).

APST 87: All students (yes, even Online) can attend in-person at the Bark Lake Leadership Centre near Irondale, Ontario ( or This 4 day, 3 night overnight experience in the field you will gain practical experience in equipment use, maintenance and troubleshooting. Collected information are used in your courses. Here you will have hands on experience using Total Stations, Data Loggers, GPS and leveling.

Transportation is provided from the Fleming Frost campus.

For more information:

APST 142: Students who are in the Online program (who cannot attend APST 87) will be required to complete tasks to meet the program outcomes. These tasks will be assigned for you to complete by yourself, or as a team with other students near you.

International Experience: An opportunity to visit China and complete the requirements is available for Fall 2018. Attend the meeting in Week 1 to learn more.