Joint Health and Safety Committee

Fleming College is pleased to have an engaged COVID-19 JHSC Sub-Committee which is comprised of worker and management volunteer members from the JHSCs from all three campus locations (Haliburton, Frost and Sutherland). The function of this committee is to review, recommend and endorse the COVID-19 related health and safety initiatives for the workplace.


  • Mary MacLeod
  • Tania Clerac
  • Jennifer Bain
  • Elane Kalavrias
  • Heather Cuthbert
  • Heather Broadbent
  • Tracy Partridge

Did you know?

The continued operation of an effectively functioning JHSC is a legal requirement for Ontario workplaces. Effective JHSC is particularly critical during emergencies such as the COVID -19 pandemic. Committee members must be well informed of the hazards, remain active in identifying hazards and recommend controls for hazards in a timely manner.

COVID-19 JHSC Guidelines