Report an Incident/Accident or Near Miss

If you require an Ambulance or First Aid while you are at the Frost and Sutherland campuses call:

  • Campus Emergency Line Dial Ext 4444 (705-749-5530) OR
  • Use the Fleming Safe App on your phone.

Campus Security will help direct emergency crews to your location saving valuable response time.

Report a Critical Injury – Accident Report Form

Does this involve a broken bone; loss of consciousness; loss of sight; burns or loss of blood; amputation, or fatality?

In the case of Critical Injury immediate contact:

  • Campus Emergency Line Dial Ext 4444 (705-749-5530) also
  • Kim English – Manager of Health & Safety and Legislative Compliance at: (705) 740-4678

Report an Employee Incident – Accident Report Form

  1. Report the injury/accident to your immediate supervisor
  2. Accident/Incident/Repetitive Strain report to be initiated, same day, by the Employee or Supervisor
  3. Fax/Email report to HR – Traci Kemp Fax #: 705-749-5522

*If incident involves a referral to a Health Care professional (anything beyond first aid) or lost time (beyond the day of injury), it is URGENT to REPORT IMMEDIATELY to HR in order to meet WSIB reporting requirements*

Report a Student Incident – Accident Report Form

  1. Report to be initiated, same day, by First Aider
  2. Fax/Email report to VP Finance area; Tina Benincasa; Fax #: 705-749-5537

Report a Near Miss – Report a Near Miss

OSHA defines a near miss as an incident in which no property was damaged and no personal injury was sustained, but where, given a slight shift in time or position, damage or injury easily could have occurred.

If you are reporting an incident/injury outside of business hours please contact Campus Security at x4444

Employee Incident – Example Report

Fleming Safe App

Fleming Safe – Mobile App