COVID-19 Employee Training

Fleming Safe – Return to the Workplace

Our workplace has changed over the last few months. As employees and students re-enter our campuses, it important that we are all familiar with the risks associated to COVID-19 and that we are aware of the role we each play in reducing transmission.

It is recommended that this training session be completed by all employees prior to returning to campus. Once you have completed this training, it will be tracked within your Training Summary.

Fleming Safe – Return to the Workplace – New Update – Dec 23, 2021 – located in Evolve/My Self Service/ Learning and Development/List of Training Modules

Donning and Doffing PPE

Putting on Mask and Eye Protection – Donning

Taking off Mask and Eye Protection – Doffing

Putting on gloves – Donning

Taking off gloves – Doffing