COVID-19 Employee Training

Fleming Safe – Return to the Workplace

Our workplace has changed over the last few months. As employees and students prepare to re-enter our campuses, it important that we are all familiar with the risks associated to COVID-19 and that we are aware of the role we each play in reducing transmission.

The attached training session is a mandatory requirement for all approved employees to complete prior to returning to campus. Once you have completed this training, an email confirmation will be sent to your Manager

Fleming Safe – Return to the Workplace – New Update – May 11, 2021

Note: Managers are able to track employee training status using the Manager’s Navigation Tool

Donning and Doffing PPE

Putting on Mask and Eye Protection – Donning

Taking off Mask and Eye Protection – Doffing

Putting on gloves – Donning

Taking off gloves – Doffing