Ergonomic Tips

High-force tasks

Tasks requiring high force may include lifting, carrying, pushing, or pulling. Try,

  • having another person help with the task
  • using a lifting device (cart, hand trucks)
  • utilize proper lifting techniques
  • avoid lifting by storing items off the ground using tables, benches, or chairs

Repetitive tasks

Common tasks requiring repetition may include typing or writing. Try,

  • taking frequent breaks
  • rotating tasks when applicable
  • various mice or keyboards that may be more comfortable

Static or awkward postures

Static or awkward postures may be encountered when sitting at an office workstation. Try,

  • adjusting workstation components (monitors, desks, chairs)
  • position equipment in front of you to avoid twisting or bending
  • stretch and change positions frequently (such as alternating between sitting and standing every 45 minutes)
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