Fleming College Ergonomic Policy

For the complete Fleming College Ergonomic Policy and assessment process : Ergonomics Process 

Fleming College is committed to the prevention of workplace injury, which includes musculoskeletal disorders (MSD). MSD is an umbrella term for various injuries and disorders of the muscles, tendons, nerves, etc.

There is a shared responsibility by the College and the worker to prevent ergonomic injury through education and remedy of contributing conditions. Fleming College will promote employee and supervisor education and ensure that resources are provided to improve ergonomic working conditions.

The roles and responsibilities may include,


  • Follow work practices related to their jobs and actively participate in the recognition, analysis, and reduction of ergonomic risks
  • Identify and report early signs and symptoms of potential ergonomic issues
  • Obtain medical documentation where required.


  • Encourage early reporting of signs and symptoms of potential ergonomic issues and actively participate in the recognition, analysis, and reduction of ergonomic risks
  • Ensure ergonomics resources, education, and training are provided to employees
  • Engage the support of the H&S Supervisor in risk prevention and assessment
  • Engage the support of HR consultant when accommodations involve medical documentation (including formal ergonomics assessment)
  • Budgetary responsibility for ordering ergonomic equipment & furnishings under $300.00

College H&S Supervisor:

  • Educating supervisors and employees about ergonomic risk factors
  • Prioritizing ergonomic evaluations based on available severity, prevalence and incident rates (where available)
  • Performing ergonomic risk factor reviews and observations and communicating recommendations to supervisors and employees, including recommendations for formal ergonomics assessment
  • Manage the Facilities Ergonomics budget, including Ergonomic Assessment suppliers and ordering ergonomic equipment & furnishings over $300.00.

Facilities Manager: Participate in the timely procurement and installation of ergonomic equipment & furnishings as requested by Department Manager / College H&S Supervisor.

Human Resources Consultant: Responsible for the facilitation of the College Return to Work & Medical or Disability Related Accommodations process.