Welcome to the new Fleming College Health and Safety web page. Please note that this website is continually updated to reflect the most current Health and Safety requirements.

The Occupational Health & Safety Act (OHSA) of Ontario describes the rights and duties of all workplace parties including the employer, supervisors, and workers which – through the Internal Responsibility System (IRS) – places the onus for a safe workplace on ALL PARTIES.

We ALL have a role to play and safety is EVERYBODY’S responsibility.

Fleming College is committed to fostering a safe workplace for all workers and a safe learning environment for our students. This website is a resource to the College community to provide the most current information to help everyone be informed and be safe in the workplace.

Remember that “safety does not happen by accident, it happens by choice”!

Choose wisely and be safe.

All questions can be directed to safety@flemingcollege.ca

Occupational Health & Safety Team:

Kim English – Manager, Health & Safety, Emergency Planning and Legislation ext. 1224

Vacant – Health & Safety Coordinator

4-412 Health and Safety Policy