Academic Issue Resolution

What is Your Academic Concern? Click on the Applicable Link(s) Below:

Grades Concern

  • If you have failed a test or assignment
  • If you are worried about your academic success in a course
  • If you feel your work was marked unfairly
  • If you are concerned your grades may be affected by your disability (including mental health conditions like depression and anxiety)
  • If an unexpected absence has affected your grades in one or more classes

Course Content; or Delivery of Course Materials

  • If you have concerns about course content; or the delivery of course materials

Program Concern

  • If program content doesn’t align with industry
  • Concerns regarding safety measures or controls
  • If you have constructive feedback about your program

Accessible Format: student-academic-complaint-resolution_accessible-version

NOTE: Student Administrative Council / Frost Student Association are available to support students with any of the processes listed above