Position Descriptions

Support PDf’s

Transfer Credit & PLAR Coordinator (Jan’20)
Employment & Training Consultant (AppD) (Jan’20)
Diversity Inclusion Coordinator (Jan’20)
Athletics Recreation Assistant (Jan’20)
Administrative Assistant – School of Business (Jan’20)
Multi-Media AV Technician (Jan’20)
Academic Admin Asst – Chairs (HWJCD) (Feb’20)
Curriculum Data Specialist (Feb’20)
Assistive Technologist (Feb’20)
Corporate Events Coordinator (Feb’20)
Admissions Officer (Feb’20)
Student Awards Officer (Feb’20)
Administrative Operations Assistant (Feb’20)
Accounts Payable Representative (Feb’20)
International Student Services Advisor (Feb’20)
Workload Officer (Feb’20)
Program Officer (March’20)
Admissions Officer – International (March’20)
Academic Quality Assurance Coordinator (March’20)
Career Content Curator (March’20)
Employment Retention Specialist (March’20)
Administrative Assistant – SSM (March’20)
Corporate Events Coordinator (March’20)
Biotechnology Technologist(March’20)
Marketing & Communications Coordinator – OAR (March’20)
Public Relations Officer (March’20)
Biotechnology Technologist (March’20)
Employment & Training Consultant (April ’20)
Program Officer (May’20)
Employment & Training Consultant (I/O July’20)
School Financial Officer (July’20)
Intake & Case Management Consultant(App D) (Sept ’20)
Indigenous Student Services Coordinator (App D) (Sept ’20)
Communications Officer (App D) (Sept’20)
Environmental Chemistry Technologist (sept’20)
Program Officer (App D) (Sept’20)
Fish Hatchery Technician (Sept’20)
Geomatics (Cartographic) Technologist(Sept ’20)
Fish Hatchery Technician (Oct’20)
Academic Financial Budget Officer (Oct’20)
Geomatics Technologist(Oct ’20)
Employment & Training Consultant (App D, Oct ’20)
Laboratory Technologist CAWT(Nov’20)
Accounts Payable Representative (Nov’20)
Social Media Officer (Nov’20)
Employment Success Facilitator (I/O, Nov’20)
International Student Recruitment Officer (App D, Nov ’20)
Employment Advisor (Ptbo, Nov’20)
Employment Coach & Facilitator (Nov’20)
Employment Advisor (Halib Nov’20)
Employment Consultant Disability Specialist (Nov’20)
Laboratory Technician – CAWT (Nov’20)
Research Technologist (Nov’20)
Housing & Campus Services Coordinator (Nov’20)
Bio Commons Technologist (Nov’20)
Data Scientist (I/O Dec’20)
Fish & Wildlife Technologist (Dec’20)
International Admissions Officer (Dec’20)
Employment & Training Consultant (I/O, Dec’20)
Student Recruitment Officer (Jan’21)
Research Support Specialist (Jan’21)
2262 – Fish & Wildlife Technician (Jan’21)
2263 – Data Specialist (App D Jan’21)
2267 – Operations Officer, HSAD (Jan ’21)
Learning Technologist, Heavy Equipment Operator (Feb’21)
Research Technologist, CAMIIT (Feb ’21)
Virtual Employment Advisor(I/O, Feb’21)
Web Developer (App D – Feb’21)
Curriculum Data Specialist – AO (App D), Mar’21)
Employment & Training Consultant (I/O, Mar’21)
Alumni Engagement Officer (Mar’21)
International Administrative and Recruitment Assistant (Mar’21)
Financial Officer – School of Business IT and Continuing Education (April’21)
Administrative Assistant, Office of Applied Research and Innovation (April’21)
Research Technologist – CAMIIT   (April’21)

Regular  & Casual Part Time Support PDf’s
Student Recruitment Coordinator (RPT) (Aug’19)
Counselling & AES Receptionist (RPT) (Aug’19)
Library Assistant (RPT) (Aug’19)
Student Rights and Responsibilities Facilitator (RPT) (Aug’19)
Indigenous Student Services Coordinator (TPT) (Aug’19)
Maintenance Worker I(RPT) (Sept’19)
Operations Assistant (RPT) (Sept’19)
Sustainability Coordinator (Frost) (RPT) (Sept’19)
AES Receptionist (RPT) (Oct’19)
Student Recruiter (CPT) (Oct’19)
Student Academic Pathways Assistant (RPT) (Oct’19)
Policy and Freedom of Information Coordinator (RPT) (Dec’19)
Career Educator (RPT) (Dec’19)
Program Assistant(RPT) (Dec’19)
Integration Facilitator  (RPT) (Dec’19)
Academic Administrative Assistant to Chairs   – School of Health & Wellness (RPT) (Jan’20)
Library Assistant (RPT) (Jan’20)
Maintenance Assistant – Haliburton (Jan’20)
English as Second Language Educational Assistant (Jan’20)
Customer Service Advisor (Jan’20)
Return to Learn Consultant (RPT) (Feb 20)
Tutor – English Language Bridge (March ’20)
Seneca College – Service Desk Technician (RPT) (July ’20)
Career Educator (TPT) (Sept ’20)
Employment Programs Technical Assistant (TPT) (Sept ’20)
Indigenous Consultant SSM (RPT) (Oct ’20)
IT Analyst SSM (RPT) (Oct ’20)
Student Advisor AU Haliburton (RPT) Nov’20 and Feb’21
Housing & Campus Services Coordinator (RPT) Dec’20
Facility Operations Assistant (RPT) Feb’21
Maintenance Worker I(RPT) Feb’21
Shipper Receiver/Maintenance Worker (RPT) Feb’21
Forestry Cluster Technician (RPT) Feb’21
Virtual Employment Advisor (RPT) Feb’21
Maintenance Worker I (RPT) March’21
Housing & Campus Services Coordinator (RPT) Mar’21
Health and Safety Coordinator (RPT) April’21

Admin JFS’s
Talent Acquisition Specialist(Temp) (Oct’19)
Executive Assistant to the Vice President, Academic Experience (Oct’19)
Manager – Development (Nov’19)
Manager, Food and One Card Services (Nov’19)
Manager Business Operations and Systems(Dec’19)
Operations Manager, CICE(Dec’19)
Manager Indigenous Student Services (Jan’20)
Chair SENRS – Natural Resources Cluster – VACANT (Feb’20)
Operations Officer (VPECD)
Manager Academic Upgrading and Skills Training (Feb’20)
Talent Acquisition Specialist (Feb’20) (Temp Admin Vacant)
Manager Employment and Career Services (Feb’20)
Quality Assurance Specialist (SSM) (Mar’20)
Academic Chair, School of Business (June’20)
Supervisor Accounting Operations(July’20)
Manager Financial Planning and Analysis (July’20)
Academic Chair – School of Trades Technology (July’20)
Privacy and Policy Officer (July’20)
Operations Manager, SENRS (Oct’20)
Academic Chair, School of Continuing Education (Nov ’20)
Abilities Management Specialist (Dec’20)
Creative Director, HSAD (Feb’21)
Student Conduct & Accountability Specialist (Feb ’21)
Senior Development Officer (March ’21)
Senior Consultant, Organizational Development (April ’21)



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