Position Descriptions

Support PDf’s
Financial Officer, School of Health & Community Services (Jan’22)
Network Support Analyst, Infrastructure and Storage (App D,Jan’22)
Online Coordinator (Feb’22)
Quality Assurance Administrative Assistant (Feb’22)
Learning Strategy Advisor (App D, Feb’22)
Placement Liaison (App D, Feb’22)
HR Associate(Mar’22)
Senior Payroll Administrator(Mar’22)
Transfer Credit & PLAR Coordinator (Mar’22)
CAWT Quality Specialist (Mar’22)
Space Planning Coordinator (Mar’22)
Service Desk Technical Support Specialist (AppD Mar’22)
Employment Success Facilitator (I/O) (Mar’22)
Accounts Payable Representative (Apr’22)
Health Wellness and Accessibility Receptionist (Apr’22)
Admissions Officer-Technical Lead (Apr’22 App D)
Employment Success Facilitator (I/O) (May’22)
Technical Business Analyst II, HR (AppD) (May’22)
CAWT Lab Coordinator (May’22)
Employment Training Project Officer (I/O) (May’22)
Virtual Employment Advisor (I/O) (May’22)
Project Coordinator-ARTP (I/O) (May’22)
Research Engineer, Mechanical (CAMIIT) (May’22)
Research Engineer, Embedded Systems (CAMIIT) (May’22)
Library Technologist (May’22)
Digital Library Services Technologist (May’22)
PDF-Resources Drilling Tech
International Student Enrolment Specialist (May 22)
FINAL PDF – Health and Safety Coordinator (June 22)
SENRS Learning Technologist (June 22)
Final PDF – Enrolment Support Advisor (June 22)
Career Educator (June 22)
Records and Convocation Coordinator (June 22)
Records Specialist (June 22)
Student Account Specialist (June 22)
Applied Projects and Field Placement Liaison
Academic Workload and Staffing Specialist – SoBit (June 22)
Student Life and Recreation Coordinator (June 22)
Learning Facilitator (June 22)
FINAl PDF – SENRS Finance and Projects Officer June 2022
CPT Health and Wellness and Accessibility Services Receptionist (July 22)
Technical Business Analyst II – Finance (July 22)
Records Specialist (July 22)
Financial Aid Assistant (July 22)
International Student Services Assistant (Frost) (July 22)
Student Outreach Facilitator (July 22)
Student Recruitment & Admissions Representative (July 22)
Admissions Officer – Technical Lead (Aug 22)
Service Desk Technical Support Specialist (Aug 22)
International Student Services Assistant (Aug 22)
Library Assistant (Aug 22)

Regular  & Casual Part Time Support PDf’s
Maintenance Worker 1 (Haliburton)(RPT, Mar’22)
Special Projects Coordinator – Advancement, Donor Funded Projects  (TPT, Apr’22)
Maintenance Worker I (RPT) (May’22)
TPT Maintenance Worker 1 (Haliburton)

Admin JFS’s
Student Conduct and Accountability Specialist (Jan’22)
Academic Chair, School of Environmental & Natural Resource Sciences (Feb’22)
Research Operations Manager (Feb’22)
Manager, Indigenous Student Services (Feb’22)
Manager, Library and Learning Services (Feb’22)
Academic Chair, Indigenous Perspectives (Apr’22)
Supervisor, Security and Emergency Services (Apr’22)
Operations & Programming Manager, Haliburton Campus (Apr’22)
HR and Talent Officer(Apr’22)
Project Manager – Funded Projects (temp) – May 2022
Academic Chair, School of Health & CS (Community Services) (May’22)
JFS- Manager Academic Upgrading and EO Training
Manager, Domestic & International Admissions
JFS – Manager Records
JFS – Academic Chair School of Trades Technology – VACANT
Manager Custodial and College Services
JFS – Director Workforce Development
FINAL JFS – Manager Residence Life
JFS – Operations Officer – Applied Research and Innovation


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