Loading Docks

There are now a total of 8 Shipping & Receiving Docks at the Sutherland Campus:

  • Docks 1 thru 7 support KTTC
  • Dock 8 supports all of the Main Building

Items not properly identified are likely to be delivered to the wrong dock. This presents a significant problem as the movement of material between the main building and KTTC, in many cases, is not possible due to the size of the material in question and restrictions getting items through hallways, doorways and elevators. Additionally the logistics involved in moving smaller items is not practical, and resources aren’t in place to support that.


When ordering by Visa, clearly communicate the correct Shipping & Receiving Dock to the vendor and instruct them to have this detailed on the packing slip, as there are no purchase orders issued for Visa orders.


When entering requisitions in Evolve ensure you select the proper Ship To location, as this will subsequently appear on the purchase order.

Evolve has now been updated to account for the 7 new docks at KTTC, as well as the newly numbered Dock 8 at the Main Building. It is critical that items are identified with the proper Ship To address.

The Ship To locations loaded in Evolve are the following:

KTTC 1 – Shipping & Receiving Dock 1

KTTC 2 – Shipping & Receiving Dock 2

KTTC 3 – Shipping & Receiving Dock 3

KTTC 4 – Shipping & Receiving Dock 4

KTTC 5 – Shipping & Receiving Dock 5

KTTC 6 – Shipping & Receiving Dock 6

KTTC 7 – Shipping & Receiving Dock 7

BREALEY – Shipping & Receiving Dock 8

KTTC 1 thru 7 are only to be used for items being delivered to or picked-up from KTTC.

All other items are to be delivered to or picked-up from SUTHERLAND (Dock 8 – at the Main Building).