Booking a Bus

1.  Identify the type of bus service you require:

  •  School Bus or Activity Bus (20- 48 passengers) booked through Century Transportation
  •  Coach (56 passenger with washroom) booked through Coach Canada

2. Click on the applicable booking form either School/Activity Bus or Coach on the Purchasing website.

3. Fill out the form and email to the contacts highlighted on page 2 of the booking form. Please ensure that your Account # & Department # are filled in as these numbers are also used for invoicing purposes.

NOTE: All information must be provided within 72 hours of the departure date.

4. Upon receipt of the information a confirmation will be emailed back confirming the details. Keep a copy of this and notify your contact immediately if you see any problems. (See contact information below).

5.  Invoices will be sent directly to you for approval, if everything is correct including the account and department, please forward to your approving manager for signing before sending to Accounting for payment.

6.  You or whoever will be the person responsible on the bus must also have all of the travelers fill out the passenger list with emergency contact numbers. This is to be completed upon boarding the bus and left with front desk/security booth at Fleming. This form is available to print off on the purchasing website.

7. Cancellations/Changes

If you need to change or cancel your bus booking please email or phone the appropriate contact below. Please have a charter reference number ready. Failure to cancel within 48 hours may result in charges.

 Company  Contact  Phone #  Email

Century Transportation

(School/Activity Buses)

Sabrina Pearson

Cc: Kim Crowder



Coach Canada

(Coach Buses)

Tracey Brooks




8. For any issues concerning these contracts or service problems please contact the Purchasing Department.