Credit Card – Overview


The Fleming College Credit Card Program provides an efficient method of purchasing and paying for goods costing less than $5000 (before taxes). The Fleming Visa Card is a departmental card belonging to the College. The cardholder, whose name is printed on the card, is a steward of their department’s resources. The Corporate Finance department is responsible for administering the Visa Card Program, and US Bank of Canada is the VISA service provider for the Fleming College Credit Cards. The VISA program is designed to meet your needs and those of the college. The Visa Card will enable you to conveniently purchase commodities directly from any supplier that accepts VISA cards.

How it Works

The Visa Card simplifies both the procurement and disbursement processes. When you make a purchase in person, by phone, or over the Internet, the supplier requests a purchase authorization at the point of sale. The VISA system validates the transaction against pre-set limits established by the College. Transactions are instantaneously approved or declined based on the following Visa Card authorization criteria:

  • The purchase being made is less than the single-transaction limit on the Card of $5,000 (before taxes).
  • The account is under its monthly spending limit
  • The purchase is an approved commodity type

Employees are required to reconcile their VISA Card spending on a monthly basis and to provide the approved Cardholder Activity Report by the deadline date.