Certificates Of Insurance

A Certificate Of Insurance is written evidence of the existence of insurance coverage, in force, to protect the interests of the College. The college also issues certificates to 3rd parties, when necessary. Typically Certificates Of Insurance will be issued in the following scenarios:

Certificates Of Insurance issued to Sir Sandford Fleming College

1. Independent Contractors and Businesses providing services to the College

The purpose of this is to protect the College’s interest for any loss or damage occurring, during the performance of the work, for a loss the college suffers as a result of the negligence of the contractor, consultant, affiliate, service provider etc., including their employees and subcontractors.

2. 3rd Parties Using College Facilities

When the College rents its facilities to outside organizations or groups, not necessarily affiliated with the College, to avoid assumption of liability and to protect the interests of the College, it is important that the College rental agreement be completed and confirmation that the individual or group renting the facilities has insurance in place and that they provide a Certificate Of Insurance.

All Certificates issued to Sir Sandford Fleming College must:

i) Name Sir Sandford Fleming College of Applied Arts and Technology, its Board of Governors, Trustees, Officers, Employees and Agents as additional insured.

ii) Provide for a 30 day written notice of any modification, change or cancellation.

Recommended Limits of Insurance:

The following are recommended limits of insurance but take into consideration that for certain individuals, organizations and small contractors, these limits of insurance may not be available. Exceptions to these limits can be made following risk evaluation and consultation with College administrations

 Commercial General Liability

  • $5,000,000. each occurrence
  • $5,000,000. bodily injury, and property damage
  •  $5,000,000. personal injury
  • $500,000. tenants legal liability broad form including contractual liability, cross liability and severability of interest clauses

 Automobile Liability

Standard Ontario owners form OPF#1 including non-owned automobile Liability $2,000,000. limit per occurrence.

Certificates Of Insurance Issued by Sir Sandford Fleming College

Proof of the College’s Liability Insurance coverage is provided to third parties by way of Certificates of Insurance typically required under the following circumstances:

Student unpaid placement and Work Experience

College approved functions including social functions which take place off campus and use third party facilities, i.e. graduation.

Off campus teaching activities.

Request for Certificates Of Insurance should include the following:

i) A copy of the contract, purchase order or permit whereby the Certificate has been requested and special conditions of coverage noted.

ii) The name and address of the Certificate holder i.e. the third party requesting the coverage.

iii) A contact name and phone number, of the Certificate holder.

iv) A description of the activity.

v) Effective date and duration of the activity.

 Important: Unless specifically requested otherwise, Certificates of Insurance will be issued showing a limit of $1,000,000.

Contracts must be sent to our insurer before they are signed and committed to.

General Insurance Certificates: