Contracts and Contractual Liability

Almost all of the College’s activities and interactions are governed by contractual agreements. This would include such things as suppliers, premises lease agreements, student unpaid placement agreements, equipment leases, construction projects, etc. These contractual agreements will almost always have some form of insurance and/or indemnification clause. This clause will spell out who is responsible to insure what and how responsibilities will be assigned in the event the College is sued.

We have to be very careful with contracts. There is an increasing trend to “shift” Liability through a contractual agreement, from a 3rd party onto the college. This “shift” must be identified and determined if it is reasonable.

Contractual agreements are sent to our insurer before they are signed and committed to.

Important Note: When approved a Certificate of Insurance will usually be issued. A Certificate of Insurance is written evidence of the existence of insurance and that coverage complies with the terms and conditions of the contract. Policy rights and obligations are conferred on the certificate hold.

Please refer to the section Certificates of Insurance.