Career and Job Search Club

Success Strategies for a Canadian Job Search
The Career and Job Search Club will continue during the Winter semester.  New dates will be posted here soon.

Career Interests and Values
A fun and interactive exploration of your interests and the related career clusters you might find most fulfilling. You will complete a free career assessment to find out your top 3 interests and discover careers options that match. Discover what energizes you on the job and learn how your values contribute to your work satisfaction.

Strengths for Success
Knowing your unique strengths and communicating them clearly and confidently to employers is essential to your job search success. Learn how to identify and describe your transferable skills, technical skills and personal qualities by creating accomplishment statements that demonstrate your value to employers.

Resume and Cover Letter
Learn the basics of resume writing and find out how to impress an employer in 7 seconds. Find out how to target your resume to a specific job to get more interviews. Discover how key words and high impact statements can make your resume and cover letter stand out. Learn to write a customized cover letter that gives you a competitive edge.

Ace your Interviews
Job interviews can make many of us feel nervous, but you can be prepared by attending this session. Find out what employers expect in the interview process, learn about the most common questions employers ask and find out how to make the best impression using 7 key strategies for interview success.

Job Search Strategies and Networking
Discover how to find jobs in the “hidden job market” and increase your career opportunities. Get tips on what you can do now to get a jump on a job search in your profession. Find out what strategies are working for other students.

LinkedIn and Your Personal Brand
Learn how to write a clear and interesting personal brand statement that will help you build your professional network. Find out what to include in your LinkedIn profile and how to use it to make a positive impression with employers.